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Chokchai Lertratanakul泰国5 星

I had been trying create an application to sign digital signature to Office documents and, optionally convert them to PDF. I tried many different libraries (both free and commercial), but they did not... 閱讀詳情


krabunGA, USA5 星
Aspose has allowed us to effectively and efficiently provide our clients with a custom slide building tool. The customization required would have taken 10 times as long to code without the Aspose software. It is satisfying a key role within a major product of ours the electronic slide sorter used by physicians speaking on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. Our developers found it easy to use. With that success we are now evaluating other Aspose products and are already to license the Aspose.Cells for .NET product. Again we found it was easy to use and feature rich. We are looking forward to a long term relationship with Aspose as we continue to roll out new products to our clients with Aspose products handling key functions within the products!
azydronUnited Kingdom5 星
We chose Apose.Total as the most effective library to render non-XML format (doc, xls, ppt) Microsoft Office documents into their XMLl form (docx, xlsx, pptx). We highly recommend Aspose.Total for reliability, features and support. Aspose.Total provides us with unparalleled capabilities for processing, rendering and converting Microsoft Office documents to and from XML. XML forms the backbone of our data architecture so having a library that can convert, render and create XML based Microsoft Office documents is highly important. We can totally recommend Aspose.Total as a Microsoft Office document handling and processing solution.
mrdavidhansonON, Canada5 星
After evaluating several PDF generation components, we ultimately decided to go with Aspose.Pdf for our client’s project. The Aspose.Pdf component is feature rich and has an intuitive developer API. The documentation is extensive and we were able to get up to speed quickly and able to test all of the advanced features using the trial version. In the end, committing to Aspose.Pdf was an easy decision because it smoothly handled our requirements (encryption, embedding attachments, working with forms, generating new documents, loading and modifying existing documents, merging documents, etc...).