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    描述: Premium webmail experience for your users and corporate-grade support for you. AfterLogic WebMail Pro PHP offers a Webmail front-end for your existing mail server, with personal calendar, contacts, and mobile sync. Full featured yet minimalistic, WebMail ... 閱讀詳情

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    描述: Easy-to-use .NET service to deliver e-mails in the background. MailBee.NET Queue helps applications send e-mails faster by means of the background delivery. Instead of actual sending, your application can just write all the e-mails as .EML files into a ... 閱讀詳情

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    描述: Groupware system for businesses and providers. Aurora Corporate is a private cloud combining groupware, file storage and email in a single, unified environment. It features; Webmail - Clean and modern interface. Can work with your existing mail server or ... 閱讀詳情

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    描述: Brings ActiveSync support to WebMail Pro. Afterlogic ActiveServer enables ActiveSync support for WebMail Pro users allowing them to sync e-mail, contacts and calendars with Outlook 2013/2016, iOS, Android. ActiveServer is a set of PHP scripts which can be ... 閱讀詳情

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    描述: AfterLogic WebMail Pro offers an independent web mail front-end solution for your existing mail server. Available for Windows and Linux servers. It provides a fast AJAX webmail and innovative calendar with sharing. WebMail Pro ASP.NET and WebMail Pro PHP ... 閱讀詳情

  6. 描述: An introduction to 3D modeling in Blender. 3D Modeling in Blender begins with an introduction to 3D modeling, and proceeds with studying the user interface of Blender, object basics, 3D modeling, lighting, materials and textures, sculpting, morphing, ... 閱讀詳情

  7. 描述: An introduction to DirectX 11 programming. The DirectX 11 Programming course begins with a high-level overview of the DirectX 11 architecture and concepts, and proceeds with an initial DirectX example application, 2D graphics, text rendering, input device ... 閱讀詳情

  8. 描述: An introduction to NVIDIA PhysX programming. The PhysX Programming course begins with a high-level overview of the PhysX 3.2 architecture and concepts, and proceeds with two initial PhysX example applications, DirectX 11 visualization, shapes and ... 閱讀詳情

  9. 描述: An introduction to Shader programming in DirectX 11 High Level Shader Language (HLSL). The Shader Programming course begins with a high-level overview of DirectX 11 and HLSL, and proceeds with an initial example HLSL Shader, 2D graphics, debugging with ... 閱讀詳情

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    描述: Create help files for .NET Components. TeeGofer is a tool designed specifically for the .NET component writer. Written in 100% native C# code, it works by reflection to read in metadata from .NET assemblies (.DLLs or .EXEs) to create first class quality ... 閱讀詳情