Spread.NET Professional 6 launched

All the features of Spread.NET plus MultiRow, Standalone Chart, Formula Provider and Spread Designer Tool for end users.
10月 21, 2011

Spread.NET Professional provides advanced spreadsheet functionality which lets you create highly-specialized applications such as Financial Modeling, Statistical Analysis, Scientific and Engineering Models, Sales Analysis, Budgeting, native Microsoft Excel IO and many other business functions. It also allows you to quickly add data visualization, calculations, and easier layout options to your applications. Spread.NET Professional includes all the features found in Spread.NET plus: stand-alone charting, a formula provider, a MultiRow component for logically presenting data and a Spread Designer tool which lets your users edit or create spreadsheets.

The following editions of Spread.NET are available:


Spread.NET Professional has all the features of Spread.NET such as native Microsoft Excel support, data handling, data acquisition, dashboard visualization, integrated chart controls, print and pdf support plus the following additional components:

MultiRow (GcMultiRow)

  • Design Your Own Tabular Screen - MultiRow offers a unique design model that is much more flexible than conventional grids and Excel sheets, where cells are confined to rows and columns. Using the MultiRow component, you can place cells in the header section or in repeating rows as easily as drawing controls on a Windows Form. It arms you with extensive power, allowing you to play around with the layout, specify any cell position or size--even overlap the cells.
  • Develop Your Tabular Form Input Screen Quickly - Embed any image in the MultiRow designer to use it as an underlay for your grid. You can even use an image of the actual printed form or application screen as the background image to easily copy the design onto your grid. The rich assortment of style features, from rounded borders to varied background patterns, help you to replicate your form design onto the screen.
  • Minimize the Learning Cost - Since MultiRow designer runs in Visual Studio, you can design tabular screens in the same way that you design forms. Find MultiRow in the Visual Studio Toolbox and control its settings in the Properties window like any other control. You can also program MultiRow in the same way that you would any standard .NET Framework control, since it implements interfaces that are compatible with standard controls for cell editing and events.
  • Employ it for Team Development and Large Scale Projects - You can maintain templates created in the designer as Visual Basic or C# source code, and easily manage and share templates for debugging and team development, just as you do with Windows Forms source code. You can create a user-defined cell by inheriting a built-in cell, and then reuse it in various projects. This provides flexibility and consistency, and makes long term maintenance a snap.
  • Easily Deploy Your Application - When you deploy an application created using MultiRow, there is no need for any special agreement or additional fees. You just include a few megabytes of redistributable runtime files. In addition, a bootstrapper is provided to make the deployment process simpler.

Stand-alone Chart (FpChart)
This standalone chart control for Windows Forms and ASP.NET allows you to create charts without a spreadsheet or any of its dependent assemblies, or move your charts outside your spreadsheet.

Formula Provider
Leverage the power of the Spread Calculation Engine to perform calculations using controls in your application - outside of Spread. Access Spreads built-in functions and Custom Function capabilities to create specialized and complex formula evaluations

Spread Designer Run-time license (FpSpreadDesigner)
Show the Spread Designer tool from your applications and let your users edit or create spreadsheets at runtime.

Upgrade to Spread.NET Professional
If you are a registered user of an earlier version of Spread, you can upgrade to this new Professional Edition. Upgrades are available for customers who have Spread.NET 6 or Spread .NET 5, Spread for Windows Forms or Spread for ASP.NET (Web Forms), Spread for .NET Bundle, or earlier COM/ActiveX versions of Spread. Upgrades are available with or without maintenance, the Maintenance plan includes all major upgrades, updates and phone support for one year.

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MultiRow example using Spread.NET Professional.

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