PDFlib 9.0.6 released

New version improves support for Acrobat DC.
12月 11, 2015 - 0:00

PDFlib is a component that allows you to programmatically create PDF files from within your own server-side or client-side software. It doesn't make use of third-party software for generating PDFs, nor does it require any other tools. PDFlib is available for all major operating systems and development environments. It offers a variety of functions including a table formatter, PDF/A output for longtime archiving, AES encryption, integrated pCOS analyzing tools and a optimization mode for inputting PDFs.

The following editions are available:

Updates in 9.0.6

  • Improved support for Acrobat DC.
  • Updated language bindings with support for PHP 7, Perl 5.22 and Python 3.5.
  • Support for editable watermarks.
  • Several enhancements for TIFF and JPEG 2000 images, especially for handling rare flavors and identifying invalid images.
  • Enhancements in the table and Textflow formatters.
  • Support for the "Caret" annotation type.
  • Fixed a subsetting problem with certain OpenType fonts.
  • Clarified PDF/A requirements for non-document XMP metadata.
  • New option for applying transformations to imported PDF pages before placing them.

About PDFlib

Munich-based PDFlib, founded in 2000, develops and sells leading edge components for server-centric generation and processing of PDF documents. PDFlib customers use the software for automated and high volume generation and processing of PDF documents in business and prepress workflows or for online billing systems. PDFlib GmbH sells worldwide with main markets in North America, Germany and Japan.

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