PDFlib 9.0.7

Improves performance for various operations such as splitting very large documents.
8月 03, 2016 - 16:53


  • Significantly improved performance of various operations:
    • Split very large documents.
    • Create Tagged PDF.
    • Import pages from Tagged PDF.
    • Retrieve bookmarks with pCOS.
  • Reduced memory requirements for various operations:
    • Create very large documents.
    • Open Tagged PDF.
    • Import pages from PDF/UA documents.
  • Added support for additional CSS properties in SVG.
  • Updated language bindings incl. support for Perl 5.24 and Ruby 2.3.
  • Reduced code and data size of the PDFlib Mini Edition (ME) for embedded systems.
  • Hardened the code against malformed fonts and XML data.


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements in the Table and Textflow formatters as well other areas.


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