ReSharper 2016.3

添加對.NET 核心單元測試與 Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 RC 的初期支援。
12月 20, 2016 - 11:13


  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 RC initial support - At the same time, ReSharper 2016.3 continues to support Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2015.
  • New code generation actions for C# and VB.NET - The Generate menu (Alt+Ins in a class) is extended with 3 new actions:
    • Relational members helps you automatically overload relational operators (>, <, ≥, ≤) and/or implement IComparable and IComparable<T> using selected fields and properties.
    • Relational comparer creates a comparer class derived from Comparer<T> using selected fields and properties.
    • Dispose pattern helps you generate an implementation of IDisposable with optional nullability checks and destructor for unmanaged members.
  • Early support for C# 7 and VB.NET 15 - ReSharper 2016.3 now understands VB.NET and C# 7 binary literals and digit separators. It adds support for C# 7 local functions and enables a lot of code inspections in their context, such as Possible System.NullReferenceException, Access to disposed closure, and Access to modified closure. C# 7 out variables, pattern-matching in is expressions and switch cases are also supported.
  • New quick-fixes and context actions - ReSharper 2016.3 adds a new quick-fix to introduce fields and auto properties from all unused parameters.
  • Transform Parameters refactoring - Transform Parameters refactoring combines and replaces two other refactorings: Transform Out Parameters and Extract Class from Parameters.
  • .NET Core unit testing - ReSharper's unit testing features are finally available for xUnit and NUnit-based unit tests in .NET Core and ASP.NET Core 1.0.x projects in Visual Studio 2015. This lets you run, debug and manage tests in a way you're used to with your .NET Framework projects.
  • Navigation and search: async usage search results - ReSharper's usage search engine is updated to make finding references of heavily used symbols easier.
  • Other updates in navigation and search
    • New formats of content files (.less, .hbs, .coffee, .scss, .dart, .as, .styl) are supported in Go to Text.
    • Recent Files and Recent Edits pop-ups now show the path to the file. In Recent Files, you can delete entries using the Delete key. Recent Edits can also show all edits in the same method as a single entry.
    • A setting to remember the last search in Go to Everything, Go to Text and other search actions (this behavior is turned off by default for now).
    • Structural search & replace: in C#, string and integer numeric literals can now be matched by value. Literals representing the same integers but written with different suffixes, in different radixes, with or without digit separators are now considered similar.
  • ReSharper Build improvements - The results of a build are now displayed in a separate Build Results window, which lists build warnings and errors. It now uses its own implementation of NuGet Restore. Build options were reworked as well. For example, you can now choose when the Build Results window is shown, such as only when there are errors.
  • Better TypeScript, JavaScript, JSON support
    • Support of TypeScript 2.0.2 ("2.0 RC"): boolean, number and enum literal types.
    • Go to Implementation now works for TypeScript types too: you can jump from a base type or member to any of its end implementations, bypassing intermediate steps in the inheritance chain.
    • The Surround with type guard quick-fix lets you quickly add type guards to disambiguate unresolved symbols in TypeScript.
    • You can use Tab and Shift+Tab keys to enable structural navigation in your TypeScript, JavaScript or JSON code
    • The Encapsulate Field refactoring, which helps you quickly create a property for a field and optionally replace usages of the field, now works in TypeScript.
    • Optimized memory usage for TypeScript caches.
    • Code completion for TypeScript literal types as well as a number of formatting fixes for JSX/TSX files.
    • Dynamic completion of package names in project configuration files (project.json, package.json and bower.json)
  • Improved language injections - In addition to regular expressions and HTML, ReSharper 2016.3 lets you inject CSS, JavaScript and JSON in C#, JavaScript, and TypeScript strings.
  • ReSharper tool windows
    • Assembly Explorer (ReSharper | Windows | Assembly Explorer) adds a new way of loading assemblies directly from or from any NuGet package source.
    •  To-do Explorer: each to-do pattern can now have a category ("Normal", "Edit", "Error", "Question" or "Warning") with its own color. Colors are the same in the To-do Explorer and the editor and can be configured in Visual Studio’s Fonts and Colors options page.
    • Stack Trace Explorer now lets you open external stack traces even faster. If you copy a stack trace that contains symbols from the currently opened solution and then switch focus to Visual Studio, ReSharper will automatically load the stack trace to the Stack Trace Explorer without making you hit any shortcuts.
  • Feature suggestions - ReSharper shows you a little pop-up window with a tip. From there, you can enable suggested features, open a documentation page or disable any further tips.
  • XAML/UWP improvements - ReSharper now correctly resolves element name references, detects binding errors, and provides code completion for the RelativePanel control in Universal Windows Platform applications.
  • Usability options
    • JavaScript and TypeScript get a new option page that improves how ReSharper works with third-party library code and generated code. In the Third-Party Code page, you can mark a JavaScript, TypeScript or JSON file by name, file mask or even an entire folder as either "skipped" or "library".
    • Context actions for different languages can now be enabled and disabled in a single Context Actions page. You can also use the search box at the top of the page to quickly find specific actions.
    • Inspection Severity page was redesigned to incorporate more languages.
  • More ReSharper updates
    • Other updates to ReSharper include the following:
    • A new typing assist for C# automatically inserts $"" when you type $, and sets the caret between the quotes: this helps you create an interpolated string literal by typing just a single character.
    • Smart name resolution for ambiguous namespaces in Visual Basic 14 projects. ReSharper infers which namespace you meant from conflicting choices based on the type you are using. For example, if you use Threading.Thread, you clearly meant System.Threading.Thread, and if you use Threading.Dispatcher, ReSharper understands that you meant System.Windows.Threading.Dispatcher.
    • #Disable Warning and #Enable Warning directives in VB.NET are now respected.
    • Indenting of nested for, foreach, while, lock statements is now disabled by default with options to restore the old behavior. We also added new option for indenting type parameter constraints and fixed a few bugs introduced in ReSharper 2016.2 by a new indenting engine.
.NET Core unit testing.


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