Edraw Word Viewer Component V8.0.0.733

改進了處理多個 Microsoft Word 文檔時的功能。
12月 30, 2016 - 15:08


  • Supports embedding multiple Microsoft Word Instances in different forms or the IE tab.
  • Implemented "exclusive" office feature. If some Microsoft Word documents get opened outside of the component, the component window and other Word window can avoid interfering with each other.
  • Added the method to disable the view right click menu.
  • Allows disabling the save, print and copy hot key (includes the F12 hot key).
  • Invoked the Microsoft Word event in the component.
  • Supports opening docx files in Microsoft Word 2003 with 2007 compatibility package installed.
  • Supports opening password and write password protected Microsoft Word document.
  • Added the protect type to allow only revisions or full protection.
  • Added the bookmark and revision operations.
  • Added the method to disable drag and drop function in the Microsoft Word.
  • Added the 64 bit component redistribution package to support the pure 64 bit project.
  • Enabled more Microsoft Word functions and buttons.
  • Avoids affecting other Microsoft Word interfaces outside of the component when the component disables the current Word window.
  • Added support to hide multiple Microsoft Word instance on the windows taskbar even when the Windows in Taskbar option is unchecked.
  • Improved the Microsoft Word document open speed. Now the developers can decide whether to close the old document before opening a new document.
  • Added support to disable the Microsoft Word system button: Minimize Box, Maximize Box and Close Button.
  • Added support to prevent Microsoft Word window from resizing.
  • Added support to replace Microsoft Word text in the header/footer.


  • Solved the toolbar disable issue when open a Microsoft Word file instance outside of the component.
  • Solved the word menu flicker in the IE 7 IE8, IE9, IE10 and IE 11.
  • Fixed bug: the component can't hide Microsoft Word ribbon 2010/2013/2016 64 bit in IE 9.
  • Fixed the possible screen lock when the users switch to ribbon File menu by shortcuts.
  • Fixed the print dialog event.
Edraw Word Viewer Component

Edraw Word Viewer Component

使您的應用程式顯示並與 MS Word 檔交互。


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