Enterprise Architect 13.0

1月 03, 2017 - 8:30



  • Boundary Objects now provide a "User Defined" shape:
    • A user defined shape allows irregularly shaped boundaries
    • Shape is defined by adding, removing and moving points
    • Elements may now be in the same bounding rectangle of a boundary without being visually nested
  • Boundary properties dialog updated to include shape option
  • Time Aware Modelling Clone Element now handles additional relationships between parent and child elements

Documentation and Reporting

  • Joomla! publish now dynamically adjusts a diagram image map to handle automatic scaling
  • Joomla! publish now makes all content available immediately instead of current client time
  • HTML export updated to support generation of reports with large numbers of packages on all databases
  • HTML export performance improved for models using Port and Part elements
  • HTML export updated to prevent write of additional ending div tag
  • Improved docked Linked Document window to avoid updating an existing selection if it was a newly created element.
  • Report Generation with fragments using filters on contents no longer generates invalid SQL on some repositories

User Interface

  • Specification Manager now provides Author column
  • Test case validation updated to allow returning a test to a 'Not Run' state
  • Tagged Value editor will now scroll to the edited tag after a change
  • Chart Appearance properties preview restored
  • Lists containing checkboxes now rendered correctly on high DPI displays

XMI and Model Exchange

  • XMI 2.5.1 for UML 2.5 export capability added:
    • Latest version of XMI specification from OMG
    • Includes implementation of standardized Diagram Interchange (DI)
  • Reusable Asset Server prompt for missing dependent packages now allows GUIDs to be copied to clipboard
  • Archimate 2.1 Model Exchange import of element z-order improved

Other Changes

  • TaggedValue automation object behavior or returning false when update fails restored
  • XSD schema generation updated to apply a repeatable ordering for top level elements
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