FlexGanttFX V8.8.0

Improves rendering performance.
6月 19, 2017 - 11:48


  • Improved rendering performance.


  • Fixed - Agenda layout scale does not show hours.
  • Fixed - After changing the size of rows, links are pointing to nowhere.
  • Fixed - Drag indicators stay after dropping outside graphics area.
  • Fixed - Infinite loop rendering dateline in DST change.
  • Fixed - Vertical scrollbar behaves strange when there is only one row visible.
  • Fixed - Too many redraws when scrolling vertically.
  • Fixed - Timeline scrolls to the right when trying to zoom in with "frozen" time over the set zoom limit.
  • Fixed - Shift + scroll wheel scrolls timeline to the left regardless of scroll direction.
  • Fixed - Horizontal cursor is being drawn on vertical scroll bar.
  • Fixed - Radar widget / NPE on mousePressed and mouseDragged.


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