Total Software Deployment 2.0.1

添加新的遠端 MSI 卸載模組。
8月 02, 2017 - 10:30


  • New remote MSI uninstallation module.
  • New technology for deploying MSI packages using the Silent method.
  • Search in the List of installed software. Allows you to find any software on computers in the network storage.
  • Group deployment and uninstallation settings.
  • When deployment is complete, you can now filter the results according to whether the deployment was successful, and then save the filtered deployment targets to a new list.
  • Option to automatically save computers with deployment errors to a new list of deployment targets.
  • Option to automatically rescan computers if the deployment was successful.
  • Parameters for recording the Silent method for the MSI installer type were changed. The default command line was changed, and an information panel with recommendations was added.
  • Both storage's can now be searched using logical AND and OR operations (‘+’ and ‘,’ respectively).
  • Multiple selection in the network tree. It can now be used when working with computer properties, logins and the list of installed software.


  • Errors when adding computers with certain properties to the Deployment targets list.
  • Errors when halting deployment.
  • Deployment failure when the “Use network discovery” setting is off.
New Total Software Deployment Uninstall tab.

Total Software Deployment



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