TeeChart for .NET Standard Business Edition 2017

新商業版包括標準的商業圖表類型及桌上型電腦和 web 應用程式的儀錶盤。
11月 22, 2017 - 15:03


Steema is pleased to announce the introduction of the TeeChart for NET Standard Business Edition.
The Business Edition includes Chart and Gauges types, for desktop & web, suitable for most standard business applications.

TeeChart for NET is now available in three tiers:

  • Business Edition: includes standard chart types, gauges and standard custom chart tools.
  • Pro Edition: includes all Business features and adds additional chart types including 3D charts, maps, extended chart tools, financial and statistical functions plus support for Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Phone.
  • Enterprise Edition: includes all Pro features and adds TeeChart for Xamarin.iOS, TeeChart for Xamarin.Android, TeeChart for Xamarin.Forms and JavaScript source code.
TeeChart for .NET Standard Business Edition

TeeChart for .NET Standard Business Edition

包括用於桌上型電腦和 web 應用程式的標準商業圖表類型和儀錶盤。


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