LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Suite V20

改進對 DICOM 的支援,並擴展對.NET Standard、.NET Core 和 Xamarin 的支援。
1月 29, 2018 - 17:00


New Platforms:
Developers can now write a unified code base and simultaneously target even more platforms and devices falling under the ever-broadening .NET Standard umbrella.

  • .NET Framework - Windows
  • .NET Standard
    • .NET Core - Windows, Linux, and macOS
    • Xamarin - iOS, Android, and UWP
    • UWP (Universal Windows Platform)

New in Document Engine:

  • Recognition Engines
    • Speed and accuracy improvements to LEAD OCR Engine (formerly Advantage Engine).
    • CMC-7 MICR Font.
    • Added North American Driver's License Barcode Decoder to Barcode Engine (AAMVA specification).
    • Answer Area and OMR Date fields for high-level OMR Forms Recognition.
  • Document Viewer (HTML5/JavaScript)
    • Improved speed and accuracy for internal SVG Engine.
    • Printing with DPI.
    • Printing Visible Area/Screenshot.
  • Document Formats
    • Added full support for charts and shapes to all Office formats.
    • Reduced PDF output file size.
    • Optimized loading speed for multi-page Word DOC/DOCX files.
    • Improved matching of original document when writing text with a dark/light background.
    • Added 3JS (three.js) and STL format support.
  • New Image Processing Functions
    • Detect Document.
    • Detect Business Card.
  • Additional updates to the Document Engine
    • Redesigned the WPF ImageViewer to include multiple items, SVG rendering, and User-defined XAML Content.
    • Load EMF and EMF+ files as SVG.
    • Freehand Annotation Selection Tool.
    • Speed improvements to Median filter.
    • Speed optimizations of 30% for loading document and vector files formats.

New in Medical Engine:

  • Medical Web Viewer
    • WADO and DICOMWeb support.
    • Template Editor enhancements to simplify copying and changing existing templates.
    • Choose between new ASP.NET Web API services or existing WCF Services.
    • Specify the instance to be displayed when using an External Controller.
    • Improved scrolling speed.
    • Added a new overlay option that covers the entire series.
    • SVG waveform support.
    • Customizable magnify glass that can zoom in or out with the mouse wheel.
  • Hanging Protocols
    • Linked CINE.
    • Enhanced loading times.
    • Support for irregular layouts.
  • Additional updates to the Medical Engine
    • Enhancements to high-level C-FIND and C-GET methods.
    • Modality Worklist Find enhancements.
    • Patient Updater enhancements.
    • DICOM Communication enhancements to enable/disable group lengths with standard data elements.
    • New diagnostic tools and improved logging for DICOM Storage Server.
    • Enhanced DICOM support for character sets.
    • Increased speed for creating, loading, and saving DICOMDIR.

New in Imaging Engine:

  • New Image Processing Functions.
    • Wiener Filter.
    • Edge Enhancement.
  • Additional updates to the Imaging Engine.
    • Background color detection in document images.
    • Image Stitching and scrolling for image viewers.
    • D2D Drawing surface for WPF controls.
    • Mouse Wheel Zoom support for Magnifying Glass.
LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Suite.


開發強大的 PACS 系統和醫學影像應用程式。


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