TX Text Control ActiveX Server X15 SP2

5月 29, 2018 - 11:11


  • DataSourceManager.LoadSingleObject() fails when a public property throws an exception.
  • Header and footer
    • TXTextControl.TextEditorException: 'Invalid property value. (01-2600)' after loading RTF.
  • Text filters
    • Editable regions in document are imported but not exported to DOCX format.
    • DOC, DOCX, RTF import: Different 'Headers and Footers' setting than in TX format.
  • Sections
    • If a document in landscape orientation is loaded, it is not possible to change the orientation.
  • SubTextParts
    • Adding a SubTextPart with long name causes intermittent "System.AccessViolation" Exception.
  • Resources
    • XML parsing error in resource file.
TX Text Control ActiveX Server

TX Text Control ActiveX Server

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