ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC 2018 v3

向 Flexviewer 添加新的 Flight Statistics 示例、ComboBox 中的組項和 ActiveReports 支持。
11月 21, 2018


  • New Control Designer for ASP.NET MVC - With the newly-enhanced scaffolders, you can use the control wizard to configure controls when you're not using Entity Framework and generate code for a C1 MVC control. In addition to inserting a new control, this now supports updating an existing control definition using the wizard. This wizard can be invoked through the context menu or through Quick Actions in Razor view. This feature is supported in ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core MVC.
  • New Flight Statistics Sample - This dashboard-style sample displays flight performance data over time. Controls include FlexGrid with sparkline columns for delay trend and KPI columns. A treemap, bar chart, and line symbol chart are used in to display region-wide statistics, and users can drill down to a specific region and city by selecting the data points. On clicking a region in the Total Flights TreeMap, the FlexGrid displays the details of that region.
  • Group items in ComboBox - From the user request folder! With CollectionView already supporting grouping, ComboBox grouping could be implemented with some custom code, but we added this as a simple property in the control itself:
  • ActiveReports added to FlexViewer - In addition to FlexViewer's support for ActiveReports, a new Item Template allows you to quickly configure the viewer in your ASP.NET MVC app.
  • DashboardDemo updated with Material Design - The DashboardDemo has been updated to include Material Design principles and color schemes. In addition, the DashboardLayout control has been added to the dashboard and analysis tabs.
  • FlexGrid Enhancements:
    • Use ColumnGroupProvider to create multi-level merged-cell column headers for groups of related columns.
    • FlexGrid AccessibilityExtender can be used to easily extend accessibility support in one of two ways; Resize columns using the keyboard (alt+left/right keys). Provide an "alert" method that changes the content of an invisible element with the role "alert." This allows assistive tools to announce grid actions like sorting and filtering.
New Flight Statistics sample in C1 Studio ASP.NET MVC.

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