PL/SQL Developer 13.0.4

包括穩定性改進和更好的 Object Browser 性能。
4月 15, 2019 - 15:32


  • Stability improvements.
  • Editor performance improvement when navigating text with many highlights.
  • Package elements are now displayed with original case in the Object Browser.
  • Object Browser right-click performance improvement when many objects are displayed.
  • Debugger will now show the attribute values when holding the mouse cursor over SELF.
  • Holding the mouse cursor over a selection in the debugger will show the value of the selected expression.


  • Using the Find function in the Text and XML tabs in Plan Window did not work.
  • Reloading a desktop or project would lead to too many calls to dbms_application_info.set_module() for the primary session.
  • Hyperlink navigation and declaration hints did not work for SELF.<NAME> in a type body.
  • Exporting Unicode data with a file header with non-ascii characters (e.g. in a German month name with umlauts) would cause an error when opening the export file.
  • SQL Window execute selection would execute all if the PL/SQL Beautifier option "Before compiling" was enabled for SQL Windows.
  • Displaying a package variable in the debugger from within a standalone procedure could result in "Not a variable".
  • Debugger could not step through program unit code with a mixed case object name.
  • Test function for a mixed case program units did not generate a Test Script.
  • Debugger could not show attribute values without SELF prefix.
  • Debugger could not show mixed case variable values with a package prefix.
  • Mixed case program units were not reloaded with the Autosave Desktop option.
  • Test Manager recent file list did not work.
  • Test Manager now displays a warning in case of duplicate descriptions.
  • File Browser would incorrectly show parent/child locations in subdirectories.
  • Crash recovery form did not have an icon on the taskbar.
  • Test Window Profiler tab page could display error "xxxxxxxxx is not integer value" (64 bit only).
  • Backspace did not work correctly in text editor column editing mode.
  • Window List did not properly handle all dynamic display scaling changes.
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