DevExpress WinForms 19.1.4

改進了 PDF 檢視器、橫條圖、圖表、編輯器、地圖、報表、計畫程式、試算表和網格控制項。
6月 25, 2019 - 10:52


All WinForms Controls

  • C4374 build warnings related to IDirectXClient are shown in VS2017 after Update from 18.2.7 to 19.1.3
  • Design Time - Skin settings are ignored when they are applied from the Design-Time Settings form
  • ExpressionEditor - A complex property name is not displayed if a child property name starts with a parent property name
  • ImageCollection - A compiler error is shown when renaming an image from project resources
  • Project Settings Page - The apply indicator flickers if a property change operation is quite fast
  • Serialization converter registered using ObjectConverterImplementation.RegisterConverter is not invoked when an object is restored from Base64String saved in previous versions
  • SkinEditorV2 - An unhandled exception is raised on an attempt to edit an SVG image
  • SkinEditorV2 - ArgumentNullException is raised when mouse is moved above the Menu button and the Narrator is opened
  • Skins don't paint correctly on ToolBar and FluentDesign Forms
  • SVG Icon Builder - NullReferenceException occurs in GdiFontWrapper.MeasureString on converting SVG images
  • Svg Image - FormatException is thrown on the image load
  • SVG support - Graphics path is calculated incorrectly in certain conditions
  • The SvgBitmap.Render method throws ArgumentNullException
  • When the DevExpress Project Settings dialog is invoked, DevExpress libraries are added to a wrong project

Data Access Library

  • Data Federation - Wizard - The "Manage Relations" button click raises the "A query with the specified name already exists" exception and closes the wizard
  • Expression Editor (Data Access) fails to validate complex expressions with a nested property hierarchy
  • Query Builder - The main table's position is reset after a click on a relation
  • The ObjectDataSourceFillHelper.GetItemProperties method crashes the MS Visual Studio designer if it cannot load a third-party assembly

DemoCenter (.NET)

  • Build Your Own Office - ReflectionTypeLoadException is thrown on clicking NavBarControl links

MVVM Framework

  • MVVM Framework doesn't provide a mechanism to release ViewModels' unmanaged resources

PDF Viewer

  • CID Fonts - Support predefined CMaps

PivotGrid Core

  • XRPivotGrid FieldValueGrandTotal using Text Horizontal Alignment set to Far and font set to Itallic doesn't export to PDF correctly


  • ArgumentNullException is thrown after clicking the Appearance Ribbon tab if SnapControl's document is loaded using the SnapControl.SnxBytes property
  • Table Cell alignment is reset on updating a field located in the table cell

XtraBars Suite

  • A TabbedView document caption is changed when an end user types into an editor
  • AccordionControl - All elements are indented when using the HamburgerMenu view and an image is aligned after text
  • AccordionControl - Items with a hidden expand button have incorrect indents in Hamburger mode
  • Adorner Guides - A border of Flyout flickers on hovering
  • AdornerUIManager - The guide does not show any content when LabelControl is used
  • BarDockingMenuItem - All sub-items can be temporarily added to QuickAccessToolbar
  • BarHeaderItem applies the hovered appearance that is hidden
  • BarItem - A caption is not shown with a bold font style after the update to v19.1.3
  • BarManager - Recently Used Items are not restored when Workspace Manager or the AutoSaveInRegistry feature is used
  • Different SVG images are displayed for BarItems at design time and runtime
  • Docking guides are not displayed for a dock panel if DockManager is added to an MDI child form and AdornerUIManager is used
  • DockManager - DockPanels cannot be resized when the Light style is enabled
  • FluentDesignForm - Incorrect AccordionControl background color when LayoutControl is used
  • FluentDesignForm - The form's text overlaps the caption bar's buttons
  • Frame Collection Editor can be shrunk so that OK and Cancel buttons are hidden
  • GalleryBarItem is displayed incorrectly in a merged ribbon with a simplified command layout in a child ribbon
  • GalleryControl doesn't play Gif images
  • NullReferenceException is raised when the RemovePanel method is called in the ClosedPanel event handler
  • NullReferenceException is thrown on resizing a dock panel via the upper right edge when the Light style is enabled
  • OutOfMemoryException is thrown in the LinearGradientBrush method when a SVG image is imported to the Image Picker
  • PopupControlContainer - Popup window size is incorrect when a popup is shown the first time and a high DPI is used
  • RibbonControl - A caption is drawn under buttons when RibbonCaptionAlignment is set to left
  • RibbonControl - BarItems are colorized incorrectly when AllowGlyphSkinning is used
  • RibbonControl - Captions of ribbon categories are not center-aligned in the Coffee skin paint scheme
  • RibbonControl - Expand buttons are not properly shown in a designer if the TouchUI mode is enabled
  • RibbonControl - NullReferenceException is thrown in the PopupOpenHelper.OpenSubToLeft method
  • RibbonControl - NullReferenceException is thrown in the UserSetAppearanceForeColor method
  • RibbonForm - An exception is thrown when the form with the Office2007 ribbon style is shown in MDI mode
  • RibbonForm - Changing text of a child form inside an MDI ribbon form doesn't affect the parent form text
  • RibbonForm cannot be restored after showing the Desktop if BackstageView was opened
  • Skin Gallery - InvalidOperationException is thrown after the current skin is changed using the ribbon gallery
  • SuperTips don't show for BarItems in a form's title bar
  • Tabbed View - Documents in EndSizing are null
  • TabbedView - A skin is not applied to document content when it is added to the view via the Controller.AddDocument method
  • TabbedView - NullReferenceException is thrown in the FloatResizeZone.FloatFormBounds property getter
  • TabPane - There is no capability to disable automatic tab ordering on resize
  • The QuickAccessToolbar color does not change when the SkinMaskColor property is used
  • TileControl does not update SVG images based on an applied skin palette
  • ToolBarForm - Pressing an accelerator key doesn't trigger a click on a corresponding link
  • WidgetView - The QueryMaximizedControl event is not raised for a float document

XtraCharts Suite

  • An error occurs in design mode after modifying the chart's layout and running the application in debug mode
  • An incomplete "obsolete" message regarding the Series.Colorizer property
  • Axis Labels are missing after upgrade
  • Crosshair is not shown for certain arguments and the order of arguments is changed on TopNOptions change
  • Crosshair is not shown in all panes in the Grid layout when ShowOnlyInFocusedPane is False
  • Chart Designer - Actual point values are not shown after the Chart.DataSnapshot method call
  • Chart Designer crashes after binding Line or Area series to a qualitative or numeric argument
  • Chart Designer shows data without taking into account X-Axis settings
  • Chart Wizard - The "Visible In Panes" label on the Axes page has an incorrect background color when a dark theme is applied
  • Swift Plot - The drawing order of Series poins is changed
  • The Swift Plot Series line style is not effective when the DirectX rendering mode is enabled
  • Unhandled error (OverflowException) occurs when adjusting the Axis.WholeRange property in certain situations if RangeControl is linked to ChartControl
  • Usability - Axis layout is not preserved when changing the diagram type (Swift Plot to XY-Diagram) at runtime
  • XRChart - A chart is not shown if its series is filtered

XtraEditors Library

  • Find Panel shows different results in GridControl and Excel filter when searching in HTML text
  • AccordionControl overlaps FuentDesignForm's title bar even though the form is quite small
  • Add an event when ImageEditorDialog is closed
  • ArgumentException is thrown after inserting a certain emoji into LookUpEdit's text editor
  • BreadCrumbEdit - Popup window size is too big when it displays long folder names
  • CalendarControl - Multiple days are selected after changing the VistaCalendarViewStyle property to MonthView when the MultiSelect option is disabled
  • CalendarControl - The scrollbar button is visible when content cannot be scrolled
  • Certain field names in FilterEditorControl are lost when UnboundFilterColumn is used
  • ComboBoxEdit - Selection changes are not recognized by a screen reader when the TextEditStyle property is set to DisableTextEditor
  • FilterControl - An empty display value is shown after an active editor is closed if RepositoryItemSearchLookUpEdit is used in Instant Feedback mode
  • FilterControl does not display date and time constants for nullable DateTime properties
  • FilterEditorControl - In Text mode appearances are applied only on a sklin changed, but not when the Appearance property is set
  • FluentDesignForm - A form takes an extra space on additional monitors when it is maximized
  • German localization - Change strings in the context menu of the VerticalGrid and GridControl components
  • LabelControl / XRLabel - Changing the font style does not properly work with HTML formatted text
  • ListBoxControl - SvgImages are not drawn when using Templates
  • MemoExEdit - The OK button is always enabled even if no changes were made since the last opening of a popup window
  • PictureEdit - There is no way to change the Take Picture dialog size programmatically
  • PictureEdit: "take picture from camera" context menu item disappears after setting ReadOnly property
  • Pivot Grid passes an incorrect ExportTarget parameter to the GetEditValueForExport method of a custom FieldEdit
  • Prevent showing a wrong MRU item when a user deletes an MRU item from the popup form
  • RepositoryItemPictureEdit - ArgumentException ( "Parameter is not valid") occurs when printing and exporting data
  • SplashScreen - The SplashImage property doesn't support the use of SVG images
  • The Aspect ratio enumeration in ImageEditorDialog is not localized
  • The ListBoxControl.Items property is not available in the designer
  • The WindowsFormsSettings.FilterCriteriaDisplayStyle property is not working for TreeList and PivotGridControl
  • TimeSpanEdit - It is required to press '0' twice to move to the next time part with the DateTimeAdvancingCaret mask
  • TreeListLookupEdit does not filter data when new filter text erases the previous value
  • XtraFolderBrowserDialog - A node is not selected in the left hierarchy list when it is shown
  • XtraInputBox - Show returns null instead of a default response if Esc, Close or Cancel is pressed
  • XtraMessageBox - A concurrency issue occurs when the XtraMessageBox.Show method is called
  • XtraMessageBox - Text is cut off when MessageBoxIcon is defined and the SmartTextWrap property is enabled
  • XtraMessageBox - The CalcButtonsPosition method cannot be overridden
  • XtraMessageBox is not scaled in TouchUIMode
  • XtraOpenFileDialog - A search field doesn't work properly
  • XtraSaveFileDialog throws UnauthorizedAccessException when trying to save to a folder with insufficient rights

XtraGauges Suite

  • Element Designer - Element's property values are not updated immediately when selecting a gauge element

XtraGrid Suite

  • AdvBandedGridView - NullRefferenceException is thrown on hovering over a band with the enabled Narrator
  • AdvBandedGridView - The view designer is closed on working with bands and NullRefferenceException is thrown
  • Changing text for the null value in the DisplayTexts array in the FilterPopupExcelData event handler has no effect
  • DataAware export - GridSummary is exported as a formula when the TextExportMode.Text mode is used
  • ExcelFilter doesn't display the Null value when GridControl is connected to PgSqlDataTable  
  • ExcelFilter doesn't display the Null value when GridControl is connected to XPDataView
  • FilterControl gets incorrect types of a detail view's predefined columns
  • FindPanel is recreated when OptionsFind.Condition or OptionsFind.ParserKind is changed
  • GridControl - A band's popup menu doesn't provide the capability to access a clicked band
  • GridControl - Support filtering by a detail unbound column
  • GridControl - The Excel-style filter allows selecting disabled filter items
  • GridControl/VGridControl/TreeList - A selected row is not pronounced by using the JAWS screen reader
  • GridView - Custom numeric filter provides a combobox with empty values
  • GridView - Pasting a row throws the "Column does not allow nulls" error
  • GridView - The file exported in WYSIWYG mode contains empty rows around a group footer
  • GridView - The SelectionChanged event is not raised after calling the DataTable.RejectChanges method in bound selection mode
  • GridView - There is no way to reset the GridColumn.OptionsFilter.AutoFilterCondition property to default
  • GridView - When an exception is raised in a non-server mode, the error panel shows a server mode exception
  • GridView - When the AllowSortAnimation option is enabled, animation does not use display values provided by the CustomColumnDisplayText event
  • LayoutView shows only the latest card after it's collapsedg/expanded if CardArrangeRule is AllowPartialCards
  • PopupContainerEdit - A popup form closes when MessageBox is shown regardless of the AllowClosePopupOnModalFormShow property value
  • Real values are shown instead of display values in FilterPanel's Visual style if the GridView's layout is restored before a data source is assigned
  • RepositoryItemCheckEdit is printed incorrectly when custom images are used
  • The "(Null)" text is not shown for ExcelFilterDataItem with the null value when the DataItems collection is used in the FilterPopupExcelData event handler
  • The Gridview.SelectionChanged event does not fire in MultiSelectMode
  • The incorrect text is highlighted in group rows when FindPanel is used
  • The ParseFindPanelTextEventArgs.SetFindCriteria method does not work correctly
  • The search result is not highlighted in the Excel Filter popup form when HTML strings are used
  • TileView - A scrollbar does not work as expected in RTL mode
  • TileView - The ValidateRow event does not fire when data is modified in EditForm
  • Total summary items for fixed columns have an incorrect location in the printed document
  • VGrid does not take into account fixed rows' height when displaying or hiding the vertical scrollbar
  • WinExplorerView - The application freezes when an item is selected after deleting another item

XtraLayout Suite

  • LayoutControl incorrectly resizes controls in Flow Layout mode when the high DPI mode is used


  • An item color loses Opacity after an item is saved/restored from an SVG file
  • An item loses text after it is saved/restored from an SVG file
  • MapControl scrolling and zooming operations are slow when a big number of clustered elements is shown with the animation mode disabled
  • OpenStreetMap provider does not display Basic tiles in the MapControl demo application
  • Slow performance when adding multiple map layers at runtime


  • NavBarControl - An empty space with artifacts appears in the control bound to OfficeNavigationBar in compact mode
  • NavBarControl resizes incorrectly if the "Show window contents while dragging" option is disabled in Windows

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • An unhandled error (InvalidCastException) occurs when editing the drill-down data source after the upgrade
  • LegacyOptimized mode - The Running Totals calculation for large tables shows performance decrease as compared to the Legacy mode
  • Pivot Grid - A column header is empty for date columns with a Date repository item assigned to the FieldEdit property
  • Unhanded error (The given key was not present in the dictionary) occurs when refreshing the Pivot Grid working in asynchronous mode
  • XtraPivotGrid - DirectX - The grid is shown incorrectly when the user scrolls horizontally
  • XtraPivotGrid - The Expand/Collapse button's position is incorrect when the "Office 2007 Green" skin is applied

XtraPrinting Library

  • System.InvalidOperationException: "The current SynchronizationContext may not be used as a TaskScheduler." is thrown on showing the Print Dialog from the Outlook Add-In

XtraReports Suite

  • A multicolumn detail report is printed over content of a master report
  • A red cross appears when expanding hierarchical subreport data
  • A report generates an additional page in the exported *.DOCX file
  • End-User Report Designer - Blank labels and products are shown on the "Select the Label Type" wizard page if the application is localized
  • End-User Report Designer - Custom menu items provided via IMenuCreationService are not shown in the Field List panel
  • End-User Report Designer - It is possible to set the GetValue script for a calculated field even if the script execution mode is set to Deny
  • End-User Report Designer - System.NullReferenceException is thrown on managing queries in Design Mode after a hierarchical group is collapsed in Preview Mode
  • Export to PDF - A report with PictureBox that uses the ImageUrl property to load an image generates a larger PDF file than in a report where the image was loaded via the ImageSource property
  • Hierarchical Data - A control bound to the DrillDownExpanded property doesn't change its state
  • Hierarchical Reports - A hierarchical report cannot be created at a detail report level
  • Hierarchical Reports - A TargetException occurs when JsonDataSource in "Child List Field Name" mode is used as a data source
  • Images whose ImageUrl property is specified disappear when a report parameter is submitted
  • LabelControl / XRLabel - Different baseline for HTML-formatted text
  • Multiline text is trimmed in a cell with a row span
  • Page header incorrectly uses previous page data when an item lines up with the end of the previous page and XRSubreport is used
  • Parameters Panel - An integer parameter editor provides a way to pass a string value to a parameter
  • Reports Merging - Document scaling works incorrectly with a subreport that generates its own pages
  • Reports Merging - Top and Bottom margins of a subreport that generates its own pages are printed on master report pages after the subreport pages
  • SqlDataSource - Required queries execution - Embedded Fields from a non-default data member do not display data
  • Summary is calculated incorrectly in version 18.2 in a specific report
  • The Page Break property is disabled if the 'Report Every Page' property is checked
  • The 'Value cannot be null. Parameter name: docData' error occurs in the Visual Studio Report Designer when assigning an image source for the XRPictureBox control if a project type is Web Site
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - A trial message about using the XtraLayout control appears on opening a report even if the licensed WPF or ASP.NET subscription is installed
  • A file cannot be exported to DOCX format with the specified settings
  • Calculated Fields do not work with Mail Merge (the subreport issue)
  •  Complex type deserialization does not work after registering IOneTypeObjectConverter
  • XtraReport performance in Hashcode calculation
  • XtraReport.ExportToMail -  The XRPictureBox.Sizing mode is not preserved in Outlook


  • ArgumentException is thrown with the "Ctrl+A" + "BACKSPACE" key combination
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException on an attempt to load a specific document
  • Table cell width may unexpectedly change after removing a table row if the Simple view is used as an active view
  • XtraRichEdit's TableStyles are not saved properly in rtf format

XtraScheduler Suite

  • Appearance.BackColor set in the AppointmentViewInfoCustomizing event handler is not correctly applied to appointments
  • GanttView - Navigation between dates works slowly if a lot of time cells are displayed on the screen
  • Issues with Calendar Resource details on a dark theme
  • A custom skin that has a self referenced template name causes the application freeze
  • AppointmentFlyout is not shown if a form is displayed as a non-top-level window
  • Localization in the month & week view depends on .NET Framework
  • NullReferenceException occurs when an appointment's dependency type is changed
  • The NoNullAllowedException is thrown when a new appointment is created using CustomAppointmentForm
  • Visual Studio closes on a click on the Load Report Template link in a report's smart tag


  • A letter in the footer is missing when a specific document is exported to PDF
  • A specific .XLTM document cannot be imported
  • DataTable is not updated correctly when bound to SpreadsheetControl
  • Document Properties Dialog does not show when a document contains defined names on an active worksheet
  • Formula is evaluated incorrectly when using custom context
  • New Layout - Comments are not displayed on mouse hover after scrolling the worksheet view
  • NullReferenceException on an attempt to create an array formula in a range defined using absolute positions
  • RepositoryItemSpinEdit throws an exception on an attempt to input a decimal from a numeric pad
  • Spreadsheet generates the "Invalid OpenXml file: PivotTupleCacheSet has no MaxRank or SetDefinition" exception on opening an Excel file
  • The Function Arguments dialog does not include a sheet name of the selected cell into the cell reference for the second and subsequent function arguments
  • The Function Arguments dialog does not switch the current sheet on editing a formula
  • The Insert Function dialog causes NullReferenceException when the in-place editor opening was suppressed in the CellBeginEdit event handler
  • The RANGE() function operates incorrectly in the Detail template range with grouping applied
  • The Range.CopyFrom method incorrectly applies copied formatting to the target range with multiple rows


  • SunburstControl.SaveToStream serializes the control as TreeMap
  • Usability - The selection is not reset when clicking an empty area

XtraTreeList Suite

  • Breadcrumb Behavior - BreadCrumbControl isn't updated on adding a new node when TreeList uses the unbound mode
  • Invoking TreeListNode.SetValue in TreeList.CellValueChanged leads to a StackOverflowException
  • Nullreference Exception in TreeList when setting focused node
  • The icons in Auto Filter Row's drop-down window get corrupted when all Tree List nodes are reloaded
  • A separator line for Auto Filter Row is invisible in the Office 2016 Black skin paint scheme
  • FindPanel highlights incorrect nodes when these nodes are expanded after the search criteria is entered
  • Not all footer summaries are displayed if a fixed left column is used
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when a dialog is shown in the ColumnPositionChanged event handler
  • The Cursor is changed to SizeWE and is serialized at design time
  • Virtual Mode - TreeList does not update row positions on updating underlying objects
  • When TreeList column name is not specified explicitly it is localized
  • Wrapped text is incorrectly highlighted when it is rendered using the XPaint.MultiColorDrawString method


  • .NET Standard 2.0 project versions (*.csproj) for the DevExpress.TreeMap.v19.1.Core, DevExpress.XtraTreeMap.v19.1, and DevExpress.XtraMap.v19.1 assemblies are missing within the sources

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • A popup for vertical alignment buttons does appear in the End-User Report Designer
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when setting OptionsRow.AllowFocus = False and using MultiEditorRow
  • PropertyGridControl - A row with RepositoryItemTrackBar overlaps other rows
  • VerticalGrid - NullReferenceException when pressing Escape during row resizing
  • VGridControl/PropertyGridControl - Data load is slow after the Find Panel is shown
  • XtraVerticalGrid - Scrolling does not work after changing the MultiEditorRow cell width
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