Enterprise Architect 15

添加工具、團隊自訂、協作和部署選項的 Rich 新調色板。
7月 29, 2019 - 10:39


  • Visual flexibility - Custom drawing styles let you choose how to represent design elements with custom shapes, transparencies, colors and images. Unleash your creativity and build the visual representations your customers are familiar with.
  • Governance - Take advantage of model based add-ins to enforce new work flows, governance and control within your mission critical models. Leverage the security group based restrictions on Perspectives (technologies) and Ribbon sets to ensure your modelers see only the tools and technologies relevant to them.
  • User interface and technology sets based on security group - The Perspectives capability has been streamlined and linked into Enterprise Architect's security and governance to provide a richer and more useful modeling experience for both small teams and large enterprises.
  • New Tools - DMN (Decision Modeling Notation). Data Miner. Diagram Matrix view. Diagram construct view. Custom tables. Custom diagram styles. Custom reports. Feature matrix. Project Browser favorites. New Element Browser. New Portals. New Diagram One click matrix visualization of diagram element connectors.
  • Google and AWS Icon Sets - Model your Amazon Web Service or Google Web Service using model patterns. There are a comprehensive series of patterns covering the images required for modeling Amazon/AWS diagrams and Google/GCP diagrams. These include some specific example patterns like 'AWS Connected Vehicle Solution' and 'Google GCP Example - Sensor stream ingest and processing'.
  • Usability - Hundreds of UI changes to ensure a rich and user friendly experience that promotes rapid development, strong understanding of models, trace-ability, focus and accuracy. New Project browser tools to let you quickly focus in on your interests and cut out the noise.
  • Extended Project Browser - The Project Browser has been renamed as simply the "Browser" and now incorporates four different view types of your model:
    • The standard complete model hierarchy
    • The Context only hierarchy
    • The new Diagram Browser
    • The new Element Browser
  • New Technologies - Enterprise Architect 15 delivers support for the OMG's MARTE profile for Real Time and Embedded Systems (RTES).
  • Dynamic Decision Modeling and Simulation - Implement automation methods and other functionality to tightly couple DMN and BPSim with model elements and custom data sets. Allow configuration and execution of BPSim and DMN from the automation interface. Allow binding data set rows to EA element properties. The final result will be a high level method for supporting complex enterprise architecture and system decisions from modeled data.
  • New Icon Rendering Engine - Display of icons at high DPI settings are now vastly improved. To facilitate a better and cleaner appearance, all the major icons in the Browser are now hand rendered at the right scale for the current DPI setting, resulting in a cleaner and more exact image. In addition, the icons have been reworked into colors matching the color sets for diagrams, greatly improving modeling consistency and UI appeal. For example, Packages, Classes, Use Cases and other UML elements have been re-colored to match the version 15 color sets applied from the default version 15 diagram theme. These icons also appear in package elements in diagrams where the visibility options have been configured to show Package Contents.
  • Element Grouping - Element grouping can be applied to any set of elements on a diagram as a way to keep manipulation of diagrams with related elements a breeze. Selecting any one of an elements in a group will select all of the elements in that group. Then, group actions can be performed as a set such as moving, resizing, setting colors, fonts and more.
  • Bookmark Values - Enterprise Architect 15 now allows you to set a Bookmark Value on an element in a diagram - this allows users to tag elements - especially useful for demonstrations and walkthroughs where ordering is important. The element context menu has the option to set a value, while the diagram context menu has the option to show or hide all.
Custom drawing styles

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