FusionCharts Suite XT v3.14.0

將資料標籤和數據值置於 2D 圓形圖/圓環圖切片中。
8月 1, 2019


  • Introduced a new attribute named inheritPlotBorderColor for area charts to set the border color of the plot by inheriting the plot color.
  • You can now customize the position of the x-axis.
  • You can now customize the position of the y-axis.
  • You can now control the visibility of data values by specifying a threshold value of the data plot. Only the data values greater than the threshold will be visible. Chart specific attributes for this include, minHeightForValue (column or bar encodings) , minRadiusForValue (bubble chart), minAngelForValue (pie or doughnut charts).
  • You can now specify the radius of a pie/doughnut chart in both percentage and pixel values.
  • In pie/doughnut 2D charts, you can now place data labels and data values inside the slices, using the new labelPosition and valuePosition attributes, respectively.
  • Introduced a new attribute named textOutline to improve the readability of data values.
  • You can now customize y-axis values using the newly introduced cosmetic attributes.
  • You can now use the drawFullAreaBorder attribute in an area chart, to create a border either around the entire plot or on the top of the area plot only.
  • You can now insert non-breaking space codes into input strings of text elements.
  • 487 core map files have been updated.


  • On IE and EDGE browsers, using an Ajax call to display a Gantt chart would sometimes result in the chart not being displayed.
  • The numMinorDivLines attribute was not working for Logarithmic charts.
  • In Heatmap charts, the $colorRangeLabel tooltip macro was not displaying anything in the tooltips when used.
  • The batchExport() API method was exporting a garbled image on Internet Explorer 11 and EDGE browsers.
  • In candlestick charts, the tooltip was appearing even after setting the value of showTooltip attribute to 0.
  • In bulb gauge, when the showValue attribute was modified from 1 to 0, the values were not removed from the plots.
  • The chart container was not resizing properly when the data object was empty.
  • When the setChartAttribute and chartType methods were applied in a specific order, the chart would throw a JS error when the mouse pointer hovered over the data plots.
  • When the chart type was changed using the chartType() API method, the tooltips of the previous chart would remain displayed on the new chart until the browser was refreshed.
  • When the value of the showCanvasBase attribute was set to 0, the canvas base would still appear for a fraction of a second, before getting hidden as the plots were rendered.
  • When a pie chart with a single data value was rendered with the value of the showLabel attribute set to 1, and then updated with the value of showLabel attribute set to 0, the labels would remain visible.
  • The legendItemClicked API event was throwing a JS error when the value of the showLegend attribute was set to false within the event handler.
  • In Stacked bar charts, when the value of stack100percent attribute was set to 1, the summed values were not vertically aligned to the middle of the plots.
  • X-axis data labels were not drawing properly, for certain chart widths. At times, the labels were skipped when there was a lack of space, while at other times they would not be displayed at all.
  • Pie 3D chart was throwing a JS error when chart data was updated through the "dataPlotClick" event.
2D doughnut charts

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