IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2.2

改進了資料庫主控台、使用者介面和 SQL 格式。
9月 09, 2019 - 11:05



  • Wrap combination of chained method/property/field calls.

Services. Docker

  • Docker. Support --ulimit command line option.
  • --network is not a recognized docker build option.

User Interface

  • Skip minimised and fullscreen windows in Activate Next Window action.

Find, Replace, Usages

  • Automatically escape special symbols for "Find" and "Find in Path" dialogs if "Regex" ("Regular Expression") is checked.


  • 'Go To Test' feature for Dart.
  • New Dart folding: content between {...} in if and if-else statements.
  • Enable 'in-place' mode for Dart local vars renaming.

DB Console

  • Database console: on switching to deselected schema suggest quick fix to select it in data source properties.

DB Diff

  • Compare table contents.

Navigation & Search

  • Full text search enhancement - result list(s) should be ordered.

SQL Format and Style

  • Oracle: align CONSTANT keyword.
  • EXPLAIN should be formatted similar to CREATE VIEW.
  • FOR XML formatting.
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