Barcode Xpress ActiveX v13.0

添加對 MicroPDF417 條碼的支援。
10月 21, 2019 - 14:53


  • Added new API for setting search types for recognition: SetBarcodeReaderType, GetBarcodeReaderType, and GetBarcodeReaderTypesCount.
  • Added support for MicroPDF417 Barcodes.
  • Added the AdditionalReadingPass property to scan the image a second time at a smaller resolution to potentially find more barcodes.
  • Accuracy improvements for Data Matrix and Code 39 barcodes.
  • Updated documentation with more explanations and code examples.
Barcode Xpress ActiveX

Barcode Xpress ActiveX

將1D 或2D 條碼識別集成到您的應用程式中。


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