FlexGanttFX v11.9.0

在 JAVA 11 版本的時間行中添加凍結行。
10月 24, 2019 - 10:37


New for FlexGanttFX 11.9.0 (support for Java 11 / OpenJFX 11).

  • New Feature
    • Adds ability to add a frozen row in the time line.
  • Enhancements
    • Redraw graphics when row calendars change.
    • Visible Area in RadarView.
    • Use modena color constants for GraphicsBase.
    • Move property sheet support into "extras" module.
    • The styleclass "zoneIdLabel" should be moved from gantt.css to graphics.css (and renamed).
  • Other
    • Moved style class "zoneIdLabel" from gantt.css to graphics.css. Renamed it to "zone-id-label".
    • Move property sheet support into "extras" module.
    • Time labels in Eventline are not mouse transparent causing flickering.
    • CalendarLayer does not define a default renderer for mutable calendar entries.
    • Not using modena color constants for row background colors inside the tree table.


  • Fixed - scale in ChartLayout not aligned.
  • Fixed - RadarView: visibleStartTime/visibleEndTime outside earliestTimeUsed/latestTimeUsed.
  • Fixed - Distorted cursors in MAC OS.


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