Infragistics Ignite UI for JavaScript 19.2

添加新的 Web 元件和 Blazor 控制項。
11月 20, 2019 - 11:16


  • Web Components for Modern Web - New in 19.2, Ignite UI for Web Components gives you encapsulation and the concept of reusable components and custom elements in a dependency-free approach to writing modern web applications.
  • ASP.NET Blazor - WebAssembly and SPAs in Microsoft Visual Studio - ASP.NET Blazor is a new framework included in .NET Core 3 for building interactive client-side web UI with .NET. Combine it with Ignite UI for Blazor to create rich UI using your existing C# skills - no need to learn JavaScript or deal with the complexity of modern web development.
  • Angular UX - Use the Command Line Interface (CLI), Visual Studio Code WYSIWYG Toolbox, Tooltip Extension and extensive Theming and Branding support to deliver feature-rich apps. Additional features include new Grid Advanced Filtering, Enhanced Grid Selection, Multi-view Calendar and a new Theme that mimics Microsoft "fluent" design system.
  • New React Maps, Spreadsheets and Grids
    • Display data that contains geographic locations or geo-spatial data on geographic imagery maps.
    • Embed Excel document creation and editing experiences right into your React applications.
    • Use the Tree Map to show users the relative weighting of data points at more than one level (also known as heatmaps in the financial industry).
  • Easy Theming and Branding for Angular - Go beyond basic Material Design themes and generate automatic color palettes for themes based on a primary and secondary color. Customize typography on an app and component level.
  • Native Open Fin FDC3 for Angular and React - Get performance and security using FDC3-enabled experiences with Infragistics and OpenFin.
Web Components Data Grid

Infragistics Ignite UI for JavaScript

快速構建快速執行的 Web 應用程式。


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