ExpressNavigationPack 19.2.2

新的 Hamburger 功能表允許您提供在 Windows 10 中找到的相似的使用者體驗。
12月 05, 2019 - 11:20


NavBar Control

  • Hamburger Menu - This release includes a new skin-based View with a collapsed state. The new Hamburger Menu allows you to deliver user experiences that mirror those found in Windows 10 (displays a button or a narrow strip of icons when collapsed). As a hybrid of the Accordion View and Navigation Pane View, the Hamburger Menu ships with features common to the Accordion/Navigation Pane, including nested groups and expand/collapse animation effects.

New Formatted Label

  • The DevExpress ExpressEditors Library now ships with a Formatted Label that allows you to display text formatted via BBCode-inspired markup tags. The following formatting options are available:
    • Font face, style, and size
    • Foreground and background colors
    • Subscript and superscript characters
    • Hyperlinks
  • Either add/modify markup tags as plain text or allow the Formatted Label to convert RTF text as necessary. Unbound, data-aware, standalone, and in-place versions of the Formatted Label are available. The unbound version includes a design-time WYSIWYG editor for bidirectional RTF-to-markup conversion.

DPI Awareness

  • Per-monitor DPI Awareness v2 Support - This release adds per-monitor DPI awareness v2 support to the VCL products, utility applications, and demos (for native Windows style). This option allows UI elements to scale differently based upon the DPI factor applied to the display/monitor. The new feature will be available for Windows 10 systems (build 1703 or newer).

Layout Control

  • New Check Box and Radio Button Items - These new items are a lightweight replacement to standard VCL and DevExpress check box and radio button controls. Because of the optimized painting algorithms, these new layout items improve load times when compared to use of embedded controls. Painting is now up to seven times faster.
  • Design-Time Control Conversion - This release adds a design-time dialog to help you convert embedded controls to their built-in counterparts. To display the dialog, invoke the layout control's context menu and select "Convert Embedded Controls".
Hamburger Menu


添加 Ribbon、工具列、排版和剝皮功能到 VCL 應用程式。


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