DevExpress WinForms 19.2.5

改進了編輯器、PDF 檢視器和圖表控制項。
12月 19, 2019 - 15:38


All WinForms products

  • SkinEditor - ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when a custom skin with BMP images is used
  • SplitterItem is collapsed after moving a splitter if the mouse pointer is located over a splitter button
  • The stroke-linecap SVG attribute cannot be set using the SvgStyle.SetValue method

eXpress Persistent Objects

  • End-User Report Designer - The Expression Editor doesn't work correctly with fields if their display names are specified using the DXDisplayName attribute

Installation (.NET)

  • .NET installer v19.2.4 fails because the "NupkgRestore.dll" assembly cannot be installed in certain cases

MVVM Framework

  • MVVM - A parameter passed to the INavigationService.GoBack method is not taken into account
  • SaveFileDialogService - The IFile property equals null when the FileOK event is raised

PDF Viewer

  • API - The CreateTiff method doesn't save a passed resolution value to the image's metadata
  • DirectX Rendering - PdfViewer uses incorrect fonts when loading a specific document
  • Interactive form - Text Field's DoNotScroll flag is ignored
  • Parsing - A document containing a 'Square' annotation with an incorrect popup reference cannot be opened
  • Parsing - A document with an empty content stream encoded by the 'FlateDecode' filter with an invalid header cannot be opened
  • Parsing - Reset-Form action cannot be parsed if a document doesn't contain an interactive form
  • Parsing - StackOverflowException is thrown when opening a document with a stream if length is represented as a reference cycle

Project Templates

  • The "New Project" template creates a project folder with a default name instead of a custom name


  • Project Converter doesn't work correctly with .NET Core projects

Scaffolding Wizards

  • Typos in comments to code of generated views


  • A Snap application crashes on an attempt to create a new document when the caret is positioned within the table cell
  • NullReferenceException occurs when rescaling a column in a table
  • SnapControl throws an exception when the Federation type Data Source context menu is activated

XtraBars Suite

  • A DockPanel SVG image does not take the SVGImageColorizationMode option into account
  • AccordionControl - AccordionControlElement with AccordionContentContainer is always collapsed in AccordionControl's popup form
  • AccordionControl does not redraw when setting the AccordionControlElement.Expanded property
  • AdornerUIManager - A form with adorner elements is filled with the white color when an application is published as RemoteApp
  • AdornerUIManager - The guide does not show any content when LabelControl's AutoSizeMode property is set to Horizontal
  • BackstageView, BackstageViewButtonItem - The ItemClick event is raised on clicking any mouse button
  • BackStageViewControl - A form's close button cannot be clicked on clicking the top-right form edge when the form is maximized
  • BackstageViewControl does not respond to the first key press when keytips are displayed by pressing the Alt key
  • Bar items placed to the right of BarStaticItem that has AutoSize set to Spring disappear
  • BarLocalizer - The localized string for the BarString.SkinCaptions item does not contain new vector skins
  • BarManager - All items aligned to the right are hidden when Status Bar is resized and the AutoFillWidth property of a BarEditItem is set to True
  • BarManager - An empty form is shown when calling the component designer
  • BarManager - Memory leaks occur in certain cases when BarManager is used in a MDI application
  • BarManager - Right-aligned items disappear and reappear in Status Bar when a form is resized
  • BarToggleSwitch is not visible when it's placed into BarSubItem after the update to v19.2.4
  • DockPanel - NullReferenceException is thrown when a panel does not have ContainerControl
  • DocumentManager - Enabling the DocumentManager.ShowThumbnailsInTaskBar property causes performance issues
  • DpiUtilities - System.Reflection.TargetException is thrown in the GetStoredDeviceDPIByControl method when showing a form with WindowsUIView
  • Flickering occurs when the main form is maximized and BackStageView opens
  • FlyoutDialog - Buttons are not clickable by using touch gestures when a parent tile's animation is not finished
  • PopupMenu - A shadow is not shown if SuperToolTip is displayed before the menu
  • PopupMenu - There is no capability to prevent adding items to the BarHeaderItem group
  • PopupMenu appears behind the Windows tray when the Office 2019 skin is used
  • PopupMenu can have a smaller size in a PerMonitor DPI aware application
  • PopupMenu's item size is incorrectly set when an icon is assigned using ImageOptions.Uri
  • RibbonControl - A BarButtonGroup item is incorrectly displayed when the ribbon uses the Simplified state and ItemsVertAlign is set to Top
  • RibbonControl - A dialog form is shown under the popup RibbonControl when a check button is clicked
  • RibbonControl - NullReferenceException is thrown when setting BarButtonItem.Visibility
  • RibbonControl - TouchUISelectorInQAT has an incorrect state when TouchUIMode is enabled at runtime
  • RibbonControl ignores ToolTipController if the Minimized property is enabled
  • RibbonControl, MDI - A child form's buttons are incorrectly displayed in certain cases when the Stub Glyph feature is used
  • RibbonForm - RibbonPages take only a half of space when resizing the form horizontally
  • SkinDropDownButtonItem - There is no capability to localize the "Latest Office skins" and "Previous Office skins" group captions
  • TabbedView - The tab header minimal size specified at the skin level is ignored
  • The bar BackColor is missing if the DrawSizeGrip property is enabled
  • The drop down arrow doesn't change location, when the RTL mode is enabled
  • The item text position is changed when another item is added if AccordionControl has images with different sizes
  • The PreFilterMessage method of BackstageViewMessageFilter is not virtual
  • The Repository Editor tab is missing in RibbonControl's designer
  • TileControl - Cannot remove the bottom padding
  • ToolbarForm - BarItem shifts when hovering if a form is maximized
  • ToolbarForm - Incorrect header layout in RightToLeft mode
  • ToolbarForm - The form caption's layout is broken when using custom font settings at design time
  • ToolboxControl reserves space for certain hidden groups
  • ToolTipControler - Setting the ToolTipAnchor property to ToolTipAnchor.Object in the BeforeShow event handler doesn't change a tooltip's anchor
  • WindowsUIButtonPanel - The SvgImageSize property is not in effect
  • WindowsUIView - Not all items are available in the Tabbed Group panel when a large number of documents is used
  • XtraTabbedMDIManager - The form SVG icon cannot be shown on the page tab

XtraCharts Suite

  • An unhandled error occurs after defining Series indicators in Chart Designer
  • An unhandled exception (DevExpress.XtraCharts.PaletteException) occurs when loading a chart layout in WorkspaceManager
  • An unhandled exception (OutOfRangeException) occurs when displaying the 3D Pie chart in certain situations
  • NullReferenceException is raised after new legends are added to a chart
  • Series cannot be attached to corresponding panes in certain circumstances
  • The axis grid line color is incorrect when the Dark Style skin is applied
  • The ChartControl.AxisWholeRangeChanged event fires for a different axis after modifying the Axis.WholeRange property in Chart Designer
  • The Text Annotation's height is not calculated automatically if the TextAnnotation.Width property is set
  • The TextAnnotation.AutoSize property does not work
  • The WholeRange property is initialized incorrectly in certain situations
  • Usability - Axis layout is not preserved when changing the diagram type (Swift Plot to XY-Diagram) at runtime
  • Usability - There is no warning message when multiple panes are hidden at runtime
  • Vertical segments of the Step Line Series are drawn using the solid fill style when the line style is set to DashStyle.Dot


  • ArgumentException occurs when DiagramContainer is expanded
  • Collapse buttons are not moved together with shapes located in containers
  • DiagramControl - Hit-testing doesn't work correctly for thick connectors
  • DiagramControl doesn't allow moving shapes on touch devices after using the toolbox

XtraEditors Library

  • A font set on the Project Settings Page is also used for designer elements
  • AdornerUIManager - ValidationHint is displayed when the control is not visible
  • BarToggleSwitch is not visible when it's placed into BarSubItem after the update to v19.2.4
  • BreadCrumbEdit - NullReferenceException is thrown when setting the EditValue property and the editor is located in BarEditItem
  • BreadCrumbEdit - NullReferenceException is thrown when a repository item is used in In-Place Mode
  • ButtonEdit descendant displays incorrectly in PropertyGridControl
  • CalcEdit - Incorrect value formatting when non-US masks are used and text editing is disabled
  • CalendarControl in ClassicNew style doesn't display a year
  • ColorEdit, ColorPickEdit - A popup window has incorrect size in certain cases when High DPI is used
  • ColorPickEdit - A custom color is selected as transparent when StoreColorAsInteger is set to true and AllowTransparency - to false
  • DateNavigator - NullReferenceException on pressing navigation buttons frequently when CalendarView = Fluent
  • DropDownButton's arrow is not visible when using a skinned BackColor and the Office 2019 Black skin
  • FilterControl - Filter criteria are unpredictably re-positioned
  • FormIconOptions do not apply if FormBorderStyle = None and ShowOnTaskBar = True
  • GridLookUpEdit - Pressing the up / down arrow when the first/last row in the popup is focused moves the caret to the left or right
  • GridLookUpEdit - The AutoSearch event isn't raised when the editor uses DataTable as a data source
  • GridLookUpEdit's InvalidCastException is raised after pasting text
  • ListBoxControl returns an incorrect index when adding an equal object
  • LookUpEdit - An edit value is cleared after focus is lost in AutoSuggest mode
  • LookUpEdit - An edit value is not posted on pressing Enter when the ValidateOnEnterKey option is enabled in Auto Suggest mode
  • LookUpEdit - Text is cleared after pressing the arrow key if an asynchronous operation is not completed in AutoSuggest mode
  • LookUpEdit - The EditValueChanging event unpredictably fires when editor text is changed with the Delete key
  • OverlayForm can be displayed for a hidden control
  • PersistenceBehavior doesn't scale the form when restoring it on a screen with different DPI settings
  • PictureEdit - A context menu is not shown with hotfix
  • ProgressPanel - The BarAnimationElementThickness value after initialization is different from the value defined by the DefaultValue attribute
  • RadioGroup - There is no ability to define AccessibleName at the item level
  • RangeControl, DateTimeRangeControlClient - Rulers don't display their content in certain cases
  • TextEdit - It is possible to select a null value prompt text
  • The incorrect form icon is displayed after installing a hotfix
  • There is no public method to convert SvgImage to a byte array
  • Thumbnails displayed in the Images collection editor are too small on high resolution monitors
  • TimeEdit's popup value can be unexpectedly passed to the editor when it is used for in-place editing
  • TimeSpanEdit - Text typing is disabled when the Mask type is set to RegEx
  • TokenEdit - Wrong index is passed to the RemoveAt method
  • TokenEdit - The TabStop property is not in effect
  • XtraForm - Form text is moved when a form Icon is assigned
  • XtraForm - Setting the static Form.defaultIcon field does not work in version 19.2
  • XtraForm - SVG icons in MDI children disappear when several MDI child forms are shown
  • XtraMessageBox - Text becomes bold after focus is lost
  • XtraOpenFileDialog - InvalidOperationException is thrown on selecting a .lnk file


  • NullReferenceException is thrown when a data source is reloaded
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when start time changes
  • GanttControl displays tasks incorrectly if their start time is specified
  • GanttControl ignores baselines when calculating its start date
  • GanttControl truncates tasks when their start or finish time isn't set

XtraGrid Suite

  • BandedGridView - Bands are not resized in certain cases
  • BehaviorManager - The BeginDragDrop event is raised when the drag-and-drop operation is performed
  • CalcEdit - The previously selected cell's value is shown in an editable CalcEdit column cell
  • COMException is thrown in the CreateBitmap method when the DirectX mode is used
  • Format Rules that use the "IN" operator in their Expression are exported in Excel
  • InvalidCastException occurs when an enum column's Excel Popup filter is opened
  • The embedded Find Panel is incorrectly scaled when TouchUIMode is used
  • The main application window is unpredictably hidden on closing EditForm in certain cases
  • The EnterMoveNextColumn feature doesn't work when the CheckBoxRowSelect column is focused
  • The Format Cells form has an incorrect layout in TouchUI mode
  • The ValidatingEditor event isn't raised in certain cases when EditForm is used
  • ViewCaption is exported as an image when WYSIWYG mode is used
  • When using the BaseViewInfo.UseOnlyAssignedEditorsForRowHeight property for a detail view, the view height is not calculated correctly
  • RepositoryItemButtonEdit's Button is not visible if a selected row's BackColor is set to Color.Transparent and the Metropolis skin is applied
  • RepositoryItemLookUpEdit shows empty values in certain scenarios
  • TileView - A previous EditForm is used if a new one is assigned to CustomEditFormLayout
  • Tooltips are not shown for columns with RepositoryItemMemoExEdit
  • WinExplorerView - There is no easy way to refresh context buttons
  • XtraGrid - The Clear Filter button should clear the current filter regardless of the active tab

XtraLayout Suite

  • If AllowExpandAnimation is enabled, ArgumentException is raised in LayoutControl when expanding the last collapsed group
  • Groups in TabbedGroup are displayed outside TabbedGroup when the group is selected after resizing the form
  • The merged column width is not changed in the Table Layout when one of the columns uses the Absolute size type
  • XtraLayout - Set the size of a layout item to minimum or maximum if its new size can't be set due to size constraints


  • An unhandled exception (InvalidOperationException) occurs when adding vector items dynamically


  • NullReferenceException is thrown on painting a control in the VSToolBoxView style

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • Data Aware Export - Pivot Grid does not export formatting settings provided by OLAP
  • Legacy Optimized Mode - The "An item with the same key has already been added" exception occurs when sorting a row or column field by summary values calculated in the CustomSummary event
  • The context popup menu is not shown in certain situations
  • ArgumentException occurs after setting SummaryDisplayType to PercentOfGrandTotal in certain cases
  • The "Сhild generated no items" error occurs in certain cases
  • The Expression Editor uses the FieldName property to generate an expression in the Visual Studio Designer in Optimized Mode

XtraPrinting Library

  • Export - FontName is written incorrectly for certain fonts
  • Print Preview - The 'Page Setup' dialog has XtraLayout.AllowCustomization enabled

XtraReports Suite

  • A report is cropped when printing it using the PrintToolBase class under the .NET Core platform
  • DashboardJsonDataSource - InvalidOperationException is thrown when RootElement contains a number
  • End-User Report Designer - The Expression Editor doesn't work correctly with fields if their display names are specified using the DXDisplayName attribute
  • Export to Mht - "</htm" text is shown at the end of the document (.NET Core)
  • FilterString Editor - The autocomplete feature does not work correctly if there is name collision
  • Memory leak occurs in the End-User Report Designer if the property grid has the UseOfficeInspiredView mode
  • Parameters - A parameter value specified via an expression binding is not calculated during the report export in code
  • ReportsV2 - CollectionDataSource does not recognize Entity Framework types at design time
  • The DetailBand.FillEmptySpace option doesn't work if there is a PageFooter band on a page
  • The DevExpress.XtraPrinting.Native.PrintingSettings.UseGdiPlusLineBreakAlgorithm property doesn't work in a specific scenario
  • The EmailOptions.Body property doesn't allow entering multiline text in the Property Grid
  • The Text Annotation's height is not calculated automatically if the TextAnnotation.Width property is set
  • Visual Studio Report Designer - Data Source Wizard automatically closes in a .NET Core application
  • XRLabel with the <sup> tag - Export To Text - The ? symbol appears for a label with the superscript text
  • XRLabel with the <sup> tag - Superscript text appears below the normal line while it should appear above
  • XRLabel with the <sup> tag - Superscript text is missing in PDF
  • XRRichText - Soft-hyphen symbols are drawn behind text on report preview
  • XRRichText does not render HTML text correctly when the AzureCompatibility option is enabled
  • XtraReport - Child tables referenced through relationships are not rendered (the nullable type issue)


  • Images located in the document header lose transparency
  • Images that do not fit into the Simple view's visible area are clipped on horizontal scrolling
  • InvalidCastException: "Unable to cast object of type 'DevExpress.XtraRichEdit.Layout.TextBox' to type 'DevExpress.XtraRichEdit.Layout.DrawingObjectBox'." is thrown with a specific document
  • It is impossible to change the column width in a table
  • ReadOnlyParagraphProperties may have properties set to incorrect values after the paragraph formatting was cleared
  • Style changes in the "Modify Style" dialog do not apply modifications to a document
  • The CustomMarkDraw event returns invalid boundaries if custom marks are located in TextBoxes
  • The horizontal scrollbar appears in the Simple view after setting the paragraph alignment to Justify
  • The spelling suggestion contains the dash character if a misspelled word contains a soft-hyphen character
  • XtraRichEdit - A certain document does not open in the editor correctly

XtraScheduler Suite

  • Appointment Recurrence Form - The "Recur every" caption in the "Yearly" resource pattern is not localized
  • The previous and next buttons are too large after the upgrade to v18.2.10
  • It is impossible to print scale headers on each page


  • The spelling suggestion contains the dash character if a misspelled word contains a soft-hyphen character


  • A Reference function of the third sheet does not work properly
  • Chart series formatting is lost after the SelectData method call
  • SpreadsheetControl calculates the WEEKNUM function differently than Microsoft Excel
  • The CountIfs function returns an incorrect result in some cases
  • The DataValidation.Criteria.RangeValue may return an incorrect range depending on the active worksheet
  • The Formula engine incorrectly evaluates the resulting value in specific cases
  • The Worksheet.ClearContents method raises the CellValueChanged event when the RaiseOnModificationsViaAPI option is disabled

XtraTreeList Suite

  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the CalcViewInfo method
  • How to export only bands without headers
  • Layouts of TreeList descendants aren't restored after the update to version 19.2.4
  • Rows height decreases on restoring the layout on a monitor with higher DPI settings
  • System.NullReferenceException is thrown in certain cases
  • The OptionsColumnEditForm.Visible property has no effect
  • The state image is incorrectly rendered in a focused row when The Bezier skin is used
  • TreeList does not display data when it is bound to RealTimeSource


  • Usability - Colorizer does not support the ValueProvider property

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • Memory leak occurs in the End-User Report Designer if the property grid has the UseOfficeInspiredView mode
  • NullReferenceException is raised if the VeticalGrid datasource is set
  • PropertyDescriptionControl throws an exception when a report designer closes in a XAF application and the zh-CN culture is used
  • PropertyGridControl - A property row is incorrectly expanded when PGridFontEditorRow is used
  • PropertyGridControl - Cannot add/change the editor on a multi-editor row in the designer
  • PropertyGridControl - Scrollbar does not refresh when resizing
  • PropertyGridControl - The Appearance.RowHeaderPanel property settings are applied to cell text in the OfficeView style
  • PropertyGridControl - There is no way to customize appearance settings of individual rows by using the BaseRow.Appeareance property in the OfficeView style
  • VGridControl - HitInfo.HitInfoType does not return the HitInfoTypeEnum.HeaderCellImage value
  • XtraVerticalGrid - COMException is thrown when the DirectX mode is used


  • The Finish button does not follow the current DPI settings when it is shown via the CustomizeCommandButtons event
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