Data Masker for SQL Server 7.0.x

1月 08, 2020 - 15:13


  • Deprecation of UI command line
    • Using DataMasker.exe to automate masking sets runs has been removed in 7.0.0. To automate running of masking sets use DataMaskerCmdLine.exe instead.
    • To aid migration, Data Masker 7.0.0 includes an additional command line flag (-G) to DataMasker.exe to generate PARFILEs suitable for DataMaskerCmdLine.exe.
  • Enhanced performance of masking rules. This replaces the V7 performance beta, and can be disabled by using legacy performance mode.
  • Users can now select a default commit frequency when configuring Search and Replace, Shuffle, and Row Internal rules.


  • Fixed an issue where CLR triggers are not downloaded.
Data Masker for SQL Server

Data Masker for SQL Server



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