TestCafe Studio 1.2.2

1月 31, 2020 - 14:52


  • Electron Version Updated - TestCafe Studio now uses Electron v7.1.2. This version provides stability and performance enhancements.
  • Linux 32-bit Support Discontinued - Recent Electron versions (v4 and newer) dropped support for the Linux 32-bit platform. Therefore, TestCafe Studio is no longer shipped for Linux 32-bit starting with v1.2.2.
  • macOS Application Notarized - The TestCafe Studio application for macOS passed through Apple notarization. This fixes compatibility issues with macOS 10.14.5+. TestCafe Studio no longer displays a warning that Apple cannot check it for malicious software. To run TestCafe Studio, applications from identified developers must be allowed in Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General.
  • Status Panel Redesigned - The status panel displayed in the browser when tests are recorded and run has been redesigned to better fit into small browser windows and mobile devices.


  • TestCafe Studio can now start if the PATH environment variable does not contain paths to system folders.
  • Fixed a bug when double click was not emulated with certain elements.
TestCafe Studio

TestCafe Studio

用於端到端 web 測試的跨平臺 IDE。


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