Syncfusion Essential Studio for JavaScript 2019 Volume 4 - Service Pack 1

2月 03, 2020 - 10:25



  • Provided support for polar and radar column spacing.
  • Provided support for smart rendering of X-axis rotated labels.
  • Provided Before export event support for export in chart.


  • beforeClick event now triggers while clicking the chips.
  • selectedChips property now maintains the value field that is provided to the chip.


  • Provided onModeSwitch event after switching mode.


  • Support has been provided to Clip/Ellipsis the annotation when textWrapping as WrapWithOverflow in the diagram.
  • Template support for HTML node has been provided.
  • Support has been provided to get the In and Out edges from ports.


  • Provided the new event destroyed that triggers when the component of the dialog is destroyed.

Document Editor

  • Default value of enableLocalPaste is set to false. So, by default, the content will be pasted from the system clipboard.


  • Provided custom editor support in dialog edit.
  • Provided support to render parent as milestone.
  • Provided support for ‘zoom to fit’ based on visible tasks alone.

In-place Editor

  • Provided cancel argument in beginEdit event to prevent the open action of the editor.


  • Provided support to toggle the panning functionality in maps control by using the enablePanning property.

PDF Viewer

  • Provided the support to open the command panel while loading the PDF document if the isCommandPanelOpen property is set to true.
  • Provided the support to open the thumbnail view panel while loading the PDF document if the isThumbnailViewOpen property is set to true.
  • Exposed the annotation label settings value in the annotationAdd event arguments.
  • Exposed the annotation label settings value in import/export JSON data.
  • Exposed the annotation selector settings value for individual annotation objects and import/export JSON data.

Pivot Table

  • The aggregation type “Distinct Count” is now supported in text type fields.
  • Included the event option to restrict the specific field dropped to a specific axis.


  • Provided the support to get the selected HTML content using the getSelectedHtml public method.


  • Provided public method to scroll to the position of the any resources that available on the scheduler.
  • Provided public method to change the current view based on index.
  • Added option to render single event per cell using enableMaxHeight property.


  • Provided the supports to show/hide ribbon tabs, add new ribbon tabs and enable/disable file menu items.
  • Provided option to add custom items in Spreadsheet ribbon toolbar
  • Provided custom function support.
  • Provided sheet visibility support to hide/show the sheets in Spreadsheet.
  • Provided AutoFit method for auto resize the rows/columns in Spreadsheet.
  • Provided Save as JSON and Load from JSON support.
  • Provided cell template support which is used for adding custom components in to Spreadsheet.
  • Provided SLOPE and INTERCEPT Formula support.


  • Swimlane: It is a horizontal categorization of cards in the Kanban, which brings transparency to the workflow.
  • Toggle Column: The columns can be expanded and collapsed.
  • WIP Validation: Sets minimum and maximum number of cards in a column to validate.
  • Drag and Drop: Cards can be easily dragged and dropped from one column to other and also supports to drag from one swimlane to another.
  • Template: The key elements such as cards, column header, swimlane, and tooltip comes with the default template support that allows the flexible end-user customization to embed any kind of text, images, or styles to it.
  • Adaptive rendering: Adapts with optimal user interfaces for mobile and desktop form-factors, thus helping the user’s application to scale elegantly across all the form-factors without any additional effort.
  • Keyboard interaction: All the common actions such as traversing through the cards, multiple card selection, add, edit, or delete the cards, drag and drop to other column or swimlane and much more can be performed through keyboard inputs.
  • Localization: All the static text content can be localized to any desired language.
  • RTL: Supports displaying the component from right to left.



  • The issue “Barcode Control hasn’t rendered in IE11 browser” has been fixed.


  • While using animate() method one series is not removed issue is fixed now.
  • Console error thrown when changing the trendline type from linear to exponential trendline or other types is fixed now.

ComboBox (Angular)

  • Now, isInteracted argument updated properly in the change event while entering the custom value.

Dashboard Layout

  • The issue “Panels overlapping when you drag from top to bottom” has been resolved.


  • Issue with “datepicker popup not closed while use shift+tab” has been resolved.
  • Vue - Issue with “change event is triggered twice when enable strict mode along with format property” has been resolved.


  • The issue “UmlClassDiagram is not updated properly in the layout” has been fixed.
  • The exception occurred while applying line routing for the complex diagram has been fixed.
  • The issue “Performance improvement with HTML node” has been fixed.
  • The issue “Polyline target decorator is not aligned properly at runtime” has been fixed.
  • The exception occurred while changing the z-index for group node at run time has been fixed.
  • The issue “ConnectionChange Event does not triggered in mouse up” has been fixed.
  • The issue “Expand and collapse not working on the Mindmap Layout” has been fixed.
  • The issue “left most node unable to be selected in the layout sample” has been fixed.
  • The diagram html content is cutoff, while exporting the diagram issue has been fixed.
  • The issue with connector and node opacity that is decreased while expanding and collapsing a ComplexHierarchicalTree layout has been fixed.
  • Provides support to add group node children at runtime.


  • The issue with the parent element that is scrolled after reaching the end of the modal dialog has been resolved.

Document Editor

  • Resolved script error when resize row to next page.
  • Formatting is now applied properly for keep text only option in paste.
  • Table cell width are now updated properly.
  • Page scrolling issue is resolved when right click in MAC machine.

FormValidator (Angular)

  • Now, email validation accepts more than five characters in the domain name.


  • Issue in preventing taskbar editing has been fixed.
  • Baseline tooltip not rendered for milestone tasks has been fixed.


  • Misalignment while editing with frozen column issue has been fixed.
  • isInteracted property is added to the row selecting events.
  • Misalignment while hiding columns with row drag and drop has been fixed.


  • Angular - Issue with “addItem method is not working while binding empty data source” has been resolved.
  • Angular - Issue with “filtering not working after selecting the item in the popup” has been resolved.
  • Now, isInteracted argument updated properly in the change event while focusout.


  • Issue with “validation message not removed while clear the value using clear button” has been resolved.


  • An issue with scrollTo() method not working properly in Timeline Week View has been fixed.


  • The issue “z-index value get’s updated on each value change” has been resolved.


  • The issue, “cssClass not set into pane when you add the pane using the addPane method” has been resolved.
  • Keyboard interaction issue with input components has been resolved.


  • Script error while loading the Spreadsheet control with empty data source issue fixed.
  • Support Handled for providing the hyperlink through data source.
  • Fixed the style compatibility issue.


  • An issue with selected event is triggered unnecessarily after the refresh tab has been fixed.

TextBox (Angular)

  • Issue with “console error thrown in the IE browser while navigating the page” has been resolved.

TimePicker (Angular)

  • Issue with script error throws while selecting value from popup in touch mode has been resolved.


  • Cleared the template elements on performing TreeGrid actions.
  • Editing works fine when we dynamically change allowEditing property.
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