ActiveState Platform - 2020 年 2 月

現在支援用於自訂運行時的 macOS,以及 ActivePython 和 Komodo IDE 更新。
2月 18, 2020 - 14:07


  • macOS now supported for custom runtimes
    • When you create a new custom project, or update an existing one, you can now specify macOS as a platform to build your language runtime for. When your build completes, you can download your custom runtime as a standard package installer.
    • Support for managing macOS projects with the State Tool will be added in a future release.
  • ActivePython v3.8.1 updates:
    • Assignment expressions - There is new syntax := that assigns values to variables as part of a larger expression.
    • Positional-only parameters - There is a new function parameter syntax / to indicate that some function parameters must be specified positionally and cannot be used as keyword arguments.
    • Parallel filesystem cache for compiled bytecode files - The new PYTHONPYCACHEPREFIX setting (also available as -X pycache_prefix) configures the implicit bytecode cache to use a separate parallel filesystem tree, rather than the default __pycache__ subdirectories within each source directory.
      The location of the cache is reported in sys.pycache_prefix (None indicates the default location in __pycache__ subdirectories).
    • Debug build uses the same ABI as release build - Python now uses the same ABI whether it’s built in release or debug mode. On Unix, when Python is built in debug mode, it is now possible to load C extensions built in release mode and C extensions built using the stable ABI.
    • f-strings support = for self-documenting expressions and debugging - Added an = specifier to f-strings. An f-string such as f'{expr=}' will expand to the text of the expression, an equal sign, then the representation of the evaluated expression.
    • Python Runtime Audit Hooks - The PEP adds an Audit Hook and Verified Open Hook. Both are available from Python and native code, allowing applications and frameworks written in pure Python code to take advantage of extra notifications, while also allowing embedders or system administrators to deploy builds of Python where auditing is always enabled.
    • Python Initialization Configuration - Adds a new C API to configure the Python Initialization providing finer control on the whole configuration and better error reporting.
    • Pickle protocol 5 with out-of-band data buffers - When pickle is used to transfer large data between Python processes in order to take advantage of multi-core or multi-machine processing, it is important to optimize the transfer by reducing memory copies, and possibly by applying custom techniques such as data-dependent compression.


  • Komodo 12.0.1 Maintenance Release:
    • Legacy: Fix ‘file not found’ error.
    • Commando: Fix env overwriting when running command in shell.
    • Update restart triggers crash recovery. Fixes #3838.
    • State tool: Preference selection was saved but not being displayed on subsequent Prefence dialog opens.
    • State tool: ‘find on path’ preference saving empty string.
    • State tool: Support Two Factor Auth in state tool SDK.
    • State tool: Fix Komodo login dialog blocking start up when state tool fails.
    • Start up Wizard: State tool binary pref and install instructions wrong.
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