Actipro Universal Windows Studio for UWP 2020.1

改進了 Docking/MDI、Editors 和 SyntaxEditor 控制項。
March 26, 2020 - 15:54



  • Improved the AdvancedTabControl tab layout logic when using shrink overflow to help ensure tabs fully fill the control extent.
  • Updated StandardSwitcher to not reserve space for docking window images when they aren't available.
  • Added the DockHost.GetVisibleToolWindowContainerCount method, which is useful for determining if there is are multiple ToolWindowContainers within a floating DockHost.
  • Added the StandardSwitcher.DocumentsColumnTitle and ToolWindowsColumnTitle properties to allow for easier customization of the column titles.
  • Added the ToolWindowContainer.TitleBarMinHeight property that sets the title bar's minimum height.
  • Updated when the DockingWindow.IsOpen property is changed during layout changes to more closely match the DockSite.WindowsOpened/WindowsClosed events.


  • Added the AutoCompleteBox.SelectedItemChanged event.
  • Added the AutoCompleteBox.InputMode property, which determines control usage behavior.
  • Added a HasText property to the BrushEditBox and ColorEditBox controls, allowing the text portion of the edit box to be hidden for swatch-only display.
  • Improved DateEditBox and TimeEditBox to accept delimiter-less input for several additional custom formats.
  • Updated numeric edit boxes to support large incremental changes when holding Shift while pressing Up/Down or rotating the mouse wheel.
  • Updated several numeric edit boxes to support custom format strings with semi-colon conditional format specifiers.
  • Updated AutoCompleteBox to dispatch filter application after property changes, thereby ensuring all data-bound properties are updated when the filter executes.
  • Updated the ColorPicker.Value property to be a nullable Color.


  • Added the PropertyGrid.RequestRefresh method that can request that the property grid refreshes its contents.
  • Added the PropertyDescriptorPropertyModel.PropertyDescriptor property.
  • Updated PropertyDescriptorPropertyModel to watch for changes to non-value PropertyDescriptor properties like DisplayName when the descriptor implements INotifyPropertyChanged.


  • Added a new background that renders the search range when the search overlay pane is in Selection scope mode.
  • Added the SyntaxEditor.HasSearchOverlayPaneKeyBindings property, which can be set to false when using external search UI to prevent access to the built-in search overlay pane.
  • Added the ICompletionItemCollection.CreateBatch and AddRange methods, which when used to add completion items can dramatically improve item-adding performance. Updated all premium add-on completion providers to use the new methods.
  • Added the SyntaxEditor.CanScrollPastDocumentEnd property back with a default of true. It should only be changed to false if the editors doesn't use multiple font families/sizes or intra-line adornments.
  • Flipped the order of the Guides and Highlights adornment layers.
  • Improved search overlay pane logic related to the selection scope range.
  • Improved the IntelliPrompt popup placement rectangle determination logic for target text ranges.
  • Updated IntelliPrompt code snippets to convert tabs to spaces when ITextDocument.AutoConvertTabsToSpaces is set to true.
  • Updated PgDn logic to prevent scrolling past the document end.
  • Updated logic so that when changing the SyntaxEditor.IsVirtualSpaceAtLineEndEnabled property to false, a virtual selection will be moved to document offsets.
  • Updated the 'Adornments 8 - Color Preview' QuickStart to render the adornments using a draw callback method instead of UIElements.
  • Updated several static members on HtmlContentProvider to be methods that take a IHighlightingStyleRegistry parameter, thereby allowing the content provider to do highlighting style lookups in the same registry used by a target view.
  • Updated the search overlay pane when opened to not auto-search for tabs that may surround a zero-length selection.
  • Updated the search views to allow Ctrl+Enter to execute a Find All search operation when the Find textbox has focus and IsFindAllButtonVisible is true.
  • Updated mouse wheel scrolling to still work when the related scrollbar is hidden. It is recommended to set SyntaxEditor.CanScrollPastDocumentEnd to false when hiding the vertical scrollbar.
  • Updated the SyntaxEditor.PasteDragDrop event to fire for drops within the same control, so that the accepted operation can be forced to Copy if desired.
  • .NET Languages Add-on
    • Improved the C# and VB context factories for improved IntelliPrompt parameter info.


  • Improved the ConditionalConverter to support strings and other non-boolean objects as conditions.



  • Fixed a bug where the DockSite.WindowsOpening/WindowsOpened events didn't fire when programmatically docking or floating a closed docking window in several scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug where an AdvancedTabControl with left/right tab placement didn't always measure the tabs correctly.
  • Fixed a bug caused by a previous update where tabs using shrink overflow might not fully render the tabs in a certain scenario.
  • Fixed a bug where deserializing a layout containing a SplitContainer with no current visible children could incorrectly show a splitter.
  • Fixed a bug where the StandardSwitcher allowed the selected window's header image to render at its default size instead of a fixed size.
  • Fixed a bug where focus might not be moved into another docking window when a focused floating docking window is programmatically closed.


  • Fixed a bug where setting DateTimeEditBox.Value to a DateTime that is out of range of the current calendar could throw an exception.


  • Fixed a bug where collection properties might not expand properly.
  • Fixed a bug where using multiple TreeListView star-sized columns could result in the last column's right edge being cut off by a pixel.
  • Fixed a bug where a tree node being edited wouldn't scroll into view.
  • Fixed a bug where setting TreeListBox.RootItem to null while a filter is active would call into the filter with a null item reference.
  • Fixed a bug where refreshing TreeListView items in code-behind could trigger extra layout cycles.
  • Fixed a bug where resetting a PropertyGrid value wouldn't raise the PropertyGrid.PropertyValueChanged event.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the PropertyModel.IsExpanded property wasn't properly updating the PropertyGrid in a certain scenario.


  • Fixed a bug where collapsible region highlights didn't render in the correct vertical location in a certain scenario.
  • Fixed a bug where using touch to make a selection wasn't working properly in all scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug where word-wrapped lines might not arrange properly in a certain scenario with multiple sequential SyntaxEditor size changes.
  • Fixed a bug in the language service sorting logic.
  • Fixed several language services that were previously allowed to function on inactive views.
  • .NET Languages Add-on
    • Fixed a bug where certain generic method constraints could prevent the method from showing in IntelliPrompt.
    • Fixed a bug where a syntax error could occur when using a C# null-coalescing operator in a certain scenario.
  • Python Language Add-on
    • Fixed a bug where the resolver wouldn't resolve classes defined below the current class in the same document.
  • Web Languages Add-on
    • Fixed a bug where the XML parser could throw an exception in a scenario where a syntax error occurred in header or footer text.


  • Fixed a bug where a column or card added to TaskBoard might not be rendered in the correct position.
Actipro Universal Windows Studio for UWP

Actipro Universal Windows Studio for UWP

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