Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition v15.1 (Build 1528)

ODBC 導入現在支援 PostgreSQL v12 的反向工程。
March 26, 2020 - 9:15


  • ODBC Import now supports reverse engineering of PostgreSQL v12.
  • Behavior and Internal Triggers windows extended with a context menu.
  • Calling Session.Output within a modeled add-in will no longer report as an error.
  • Schema composer reports an error generating from a stereotyped Package.
  • Metamodel constraints no longer cleared when importing a technology into the model.
  • Metamodel constraints on a classifier or type now handle multiple allowed types.
  • Strict Connector Syntax checks for StateMachine Transitions improved.
  • Diagram Cache Generation no longer fails for diagrams with unusual names.
  • ActionPin stereotypes can now be applied.
  • Hyperlinks to diagrams with charts using bad SQL will no longer fail to load the target diagram.
  • Docked Interaction Points list now includes inherited Interfaces.
  • Generate Documentation dialog updated to show cover page drop down.
  • Connector tagged value notes are no longer lost when updating their value.
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