Altova MapForce Basic Edition 2020 Release 2

添加在映射文檔之間移動使用者定義函數 (UDF) 的功能。
4月 06, 2020 - 15:13


  • Added the ability to generate code with relative paths for included XSLT libraries.
  • Added the ability to skip transactions that cause an error during CSV import and continue with the next line/record.
  • Added the ability to move User-Defined Functions (UDF) between mapping files.
  • Added support for non-standard OAuth 2.0 authorization methods.


  • MapForce API does not include ability to add a library.
  • MapForce v2020 calls a web service twice when v2019 R3 SP1 calls it once.
Altova MapForce Basic Edition

Altova MapForce Basic Edition



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