Network Olympus 1.8.0

6月 23, 2020 - 10:18


  • New dashboard "Sensors/Actions" combining old "Sensors" and "Actions" dashboards.
  • Multi-selection filters for all columns in the new Sensor/Action widget.
  • New features for the HTTP Content sensor: authorization; ability to search for several strings (all or any) on the page; option to display the size of the received data in the Activity log.
  • New individual icons for notifications.
  • Indication of the current license usage on the status bar.
  • Starting with version 1.8.0, the license protection mechanism no longer checks the updates period.
  • Exceeding the license limit no longer blocks devices from being added and edited - only the monitoring option is blocked.
  • Devices blocked due to the license limitation are now marked with red padlock icons.
  • Deleting a device from the network tree now unlocks a blocked device, if there are any.
  • Multi-selection filters now allow to tick all found elements with a single click.
  • Demo IP ranges were changed to less common ones to avoid conflicts with actual network devices.
  • Usability of the "Write to Windows Event log" action and notification.
  • More relevant default conditions for the following sensors: Physical memory, Virtual memory, Process count, User count.


  • Memory leaks that caused the core to crash.
  • Errors in operation of the "Write to Windows Event log" action and notification.
Sensors/Actions dashboard

Network Olympus



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