Enterprise Architect Unified Edition v15.2 (Build 1555)

改進了圖表繪製、看板和 XMI 導入/匯出。
11月 04, 2020 - 16:10


  • Element Reviews
    • Review Manager window now includes a Priority column for review topics.
    • Review Manager window no longer displays a status and duration below each Review Element.
    • Renamed 'Set : General Items' to 'General' in the Review Manager window.
    • Review Diagrams are no longer added by default when creating a Review Element.
    • Review tab of Collaborate window no longer shows text '0 of 0 Approvers' when no approvers are defined.
    • Review Element properties are now displayed in the Properties window.
    • Renamed context menu items 'Create Review Topic' to be 'Create Review'.
  • Collaboration
    • Administrators group members can now join any security chat group and get chat notifications.
    • Comments Editor now offers extra font options for the selected text:
      • Set a specific font face.
      • Remove character formatting.
      • Restore the default font to the selected text.
    • Comments Editor load when entering control has been optimized.
    • Collaboration Diagrams will now display Chat icons for elements in different packages.
    • Collaborations window now provides an option to get updates automatically for local project files.
    • Collaborations Reviews & Discussions Preview window now maintains selection during automatic refresh.
  • External Simulation Integration
    • Validation of ConstraintBlocks before simulation now allows ConstraintBlocks composed of other ConstraintBlocks.
    • Generation for Modelica Simulation now allows generation of initial value for nested properties.
    • Generation Simulink simulation now uses the correct name for existing reference blocks.
    • Simulation updated to ensure that log messages are shown.
  • Simulation Solvers
    • The Solver class can now be configured to use MATLAB or Octave under either Wine or Linux.
  • Diagramming
    • Diagram References now provide an easy mechanism to move elements between packages and diagrams:
      • By default when you drop an element onto a reference you are now prompted to move the element to the Diagram, Package, Both or create a link on the target diagram.
      • The Diagram Frame context menu allows you to select a different default behavior.
    • Layout of Nested Ports improved:
      • Ensures child ports are always bound to an edge of the parent during move.
      • Ensures child ports will maintain the same edge during resize and move.
    • Dropping an Operation from the Browser onto a classified ActivityPartition will now create a CallOperationAction.
    • Classifier Selection now allows selection of StateMachine and Interaction elements.
    • Validation of State Transitions to Terminate nodes improved.
    • State Transition properties now allows you to change between two Signals with the same name.
    • Metamodel constraints no longer add sequence messages as suggested quicklinker items on non-sequence diagrams.
    • Metamodel constraints no longer provide the option of creating a new lifeline on non-sequence diagrams.
    • Metamodel constraints no longer provide the option of creating a new instance using a non-instance type.
    • Shape Scripts will now print the name of the referenced element when printing RefGUID tagged value.
    • Disabling of Custom compartments for a diagram will now be set correctly.
  • Kanban
    • Kanban lanes can now be marked as 'Not-bound':
      • This means that adding an element to that lane will not change the bound property for that element.
    • Default Kanban lanes no longer assign the bound property to the column title.
    • Moving an element to a Bound Kanban lane now shows a menu allowing you to confirm the change.
    • Unbound option for Kanban lanes renamed to Sub-bound to better reflect what the option does.
    • Kanban binding can now be set as read-only:
      • This results in an easy overview of the binding without un-intended changes being made.
    • Kanban Properties dialog improved:
      • Keyboard-only navigation and editing is now possible.
      • Diagram is now returned to original state when dialog is canceled.
      • Dialog no longer marks the diagram as changed when it is opened.
      • Search filters list control is now consistent with the list controls in other places.
    • Kanban properties dialog now available from the Browser diagram context menu.
    • Diagrams bound to a tagged value now update the docked properties window automatically.
    • Newly added elements from Kanban search are now sized to include the displayed tagged values.
  • XMI Import/Export
    • XMI Import with Strip GUIDs now keeps synchronization between connector properties and elements.
    • Diagram Images generated during XMI Export will now render Diagram Frames correctly.
    • Import of EMX files including diagrams updated to prevent issues.
    • Improvements to the import of MDZIP files:
      • Initial and ShallowHistory PseudoState elements now import correctly instead of becoming a Synchronization.
      • State Regions are now correctly mapped with the contained elements referencing that region.
      • State Transitions are now imported complete with the referenced Trigger and Signal.
      • Association Roles are no longer imported as a Part.
      • RequiredInterface and ProvidedInterface elements on a Port can now be imported.
      • InterfaceRealization connector can now be imported.
  • Other
    • Active Directory integration improved:
      • Importing Active Directory users now uses 'User Principal Name'.
      • Auto login will now attempt to match both 'User Principal Name' and legacy NetBIOS\SAMUsername formats.
      • New option added. 'Allow non-domain users (insecure)'. This is off by default when enabling security but existing models it will be on.
    • Structured tagged value changes made in the Properties window are now saved.
    • JavaScript Simulation now truncates strings that exceed the maximum length of a trace message.
    • JavaScript Simulation now handles string values correctly regardless of the case of the type.
    • Visibility Levels on Microsoft SQL Server models no longer cause deadlock during native XML import and Browser copy and paste.
    • Professional Edition no longer shows menu items for these disabled features:
      • Dynamic Charts.
      • JavaScript console.
      • Custom Drawing Style.
      • Collaborate Links.

Note: Some updates may not be available in every edition of Enterprise Architect.

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