HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint 16.8

將地理資料(國家/地區代碼和城市)添加到 Pageviews(綜合流覽量)報表。
11月 05, 2020 - 16:21


  • Added: Modified field in Documents popularity report showing the latest document modification date.
  • Added: Geodata (country code and city) for the Pageviews report.
  • Added: Drill-down to the Pageviews report from the Visits by countries report.
  • Added: Page trend report as a drill-down form Content popularity report showing the usage trend of the particular page.
  • Added: Report period selection for subscriptions can be set as a relative offset to the current date for the Performance report.
  • Added: Additional data sources for cross-farm reports.
  • Changed: User count is refreshed once a month instead of once every three months.
  • Optimized: Periodic data collection timer job. Data collection engine will now operate faster for a large number of site collections with HarePoint Analytics Feature turned off.
  • Optimized: Newtonsoft.Json.dll is now built into the main product library to avoid errors during product upgrade.
  • Optimized: Modern UI Web-part resources have been moved to a separate wsp-solution which lets you upgrade the web-part separately from the main product.
HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

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