Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server v4.2 (Build 64)

改進了雲伺服器、OSLC 和配置用戶端。
12月 16, 2020 - 16:48


  • Cloud Server
    • EA user names are now case-insensitive (this matches a similar change to EA 15.2).
    • OpenID communications now supports unicode characters.
  • Integration Plugins - Server Based Plugin Interface (SBPI)
    • Polarion: Added ability to retrieve valid List types.
  • OSLC
    • /completeresource/ call now supports optionally excluding internal artifact content.
    • /login/ call is now required, irrespective of whether User Security is enabled in the Model or not.
    • Added support for Retrieving, Creating and Updating Precision and Scale Attribute Properties.
    • Handle UPN Microsoft Active Directory names in OSLC/WebEA.
  • WebEA
    • Diagrams now display a border around the selected element.
    • Improved performance of the properties view when Expanding and Collapsing.
    • Improved refresh behavior when the properties filter is set to 'All'.
    • Property page included additional fields for table attributes.
    • Display order of Attributes and Operations now matches EA.
    • Video elements now load when selecting the diagram element.
    • Improve display of Long element names in the comment history table and browser content.
  • Configuration Client
    • Configure Database Manager screen updated to include extra text that describes the Alias field is referred to as 'Model' on EA's Cloud Connection screen.
  • Floating License Server Client
    • Allow blank credentials for Floating License Server to support Active Directory groups.
Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server

Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server



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