Wijmo 2020 v3 (Build 5.20203.766)

包括對日期選取器輔助功能、FlexGrid 觸控支援和 TypeScript 支援的改進。
1月 21, 2021 - 10:44


  • [TypeScript] Expanded type information for nullable properties (to support TS's strict mode).
  • [PDF] wijmo.pdf module can now be used in applications with the "script-src 'self'" Content-Security-Policy setting.
  • [TransposedGrid] Added support for row groups instead of column groups (TFS 467929).
  • [CollectionView] improved change tracking: editing an item and then restoring its original property values now removes the item from the "itemsEdited" list.
  • [wijmo.cloud.Collection] now has a "getSubCollection" method that provides access to sub-collections in data items.
  • [UndoStack] now supports merged FlexGrid edits, restoring the grid selection after edit actions, the new InputDateRange control, and CollectionView-based change tracking.
  • [Calendar] improved accessibility by adding aria-label attributes to day and month elements.
  • [FlexGrid] The "select" and "startEditing" methods now support column names/bindings in addition to column index. Also, the GridPanel's "getCellBoundingRect", "getCellElement", and "getSelectedState" methods also support column names/bindings in addition to index.
  • [FlexGrid] the cellTemplate property can now be used in header columns. For example:
    // show row indices in the row header cells:
    let col = theGrid.rowHeaders.columns[0];
    col.cellTemplate = ctx => ctx.text || (ctx.row.index + 1).toString();
  • [FlexGrid] Users can now clear a column's current sort with touch. To remove a column's sort with the mouse, users can CTRL+click the column header. To remove a column's sort with touch, users can touch the column header to cycle through the three possible sort orders: ascending, descending, and none.
  • [FlexGridDetailProvider][MultiRow] The MultiRow control can now be used with the FlexGridDetailProvider class.
  • [FlexChart] Added Axis.axisLabels property that provides access to the actual axis labels. (TFS 467386).
  • [TreeView] Added a collapseWhenDisabled property that determines whether disabling nodes should automatically collapse them.
  • [ComboBox, Gauge, Calendar, InputNumber, InputDate] Added a handleWheel property that determines whether the control should handle mouse wheel events or defer them to the document.
  • [InputMask] Added an overwriteMode property to control whether typed characters should replace existing ones or be inserted before them.
  • [FlexGridSearch] Added a searchAllColumns property to determine whether the search should include invisible columns.
  • [Xlsx] The Workbook's "load" and "loadAsync" methods now accept an ArrayBuffer instance. Added type information to the "workbook" argument of the "load" and "loadAsync" methods of the FlexSheet and FlexGridXlsxConverter classes.
  • [wijmo.xlsx] Decimal entities in inline strings are now converted to Unicode.

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