Wijmo is a complete collection of extensible, fast JavaScript UI components written in TypeScript. The framework-agnostic Wijmo components include first-class support for top frameworks including Angular, React, Vue and Web Components. Wijmo Enterprise has over 100 dynamic JavaScript UI components to help cut your development time in half. Build lightweight, high-performance JavaScript applications using your favorite JavaScript framework. Wijmo is built to be small, extensible, and fast. The easy-to-read, flexible API has a low learning curve and allows you to analyze data with OLAP, PivotGrid and PivotChart. Visualize data with 80+ chart types, including FlexChart which provides virtualized renderings, limitless cell templates, dozens of chart elements, interactions, and customizations.

Fast and Lightweight JavaScript Components
Wijmo components will never bloat your web apps. Built for top performance, the components aren't just dependency-free, they are also built to be small, extensible, and fast.

Flexible, Extensible API
The easy-to-read, flexible Wijmo API has a low learning curve, and components have a simple core with as many extensibility points as possible.

First-Class Framework Support
Built to be framework-agnostic, Wijmo includes full support for Angular, React, Vue...


用功能元件構建 React Grid 應用程式
用功能元件構建 React Grid 應用程式
February 13, 2024功能焦點
利用 React 的動態 UI 和 Wijmo 的連接和可視化功能從 SWAPI 獲取資料並將其顯示在 FlexGrid 中。
用資料分組增強 JavaScript 圖表
用資料分組增強 JavaScript 圖表
December 19, 2023Product Update
Wijmo 2023 v2 將軸分組添加到 FlexChart 控制項,使圖表不那麼雜亂,更易於掃描。
GrapeCity 現在叫 MESCIUS!
GrapeCity 現在叫 MESCIUS!
November 1, 2023Publisher Update
GrapeCity 博客 - 在 React 中構建智能資料表
GrapeCity 博客 - 在 React 中構建智能資料表
October 17, 2023新聞快訊
GrapeCity 博客 - 在您的 Web 應用程式中創建 Angular 下拉清單控制項
GrapeCity 博客 - 在您的 Web 應用程式中創建 Angular 下拉清單控制項
September 18, 2023新聞快訊
使用 Wijmo ComboBox Angular 下拉控制項來選擇選項。
Wijmo 2023 v1 (Build 5.20231.900)
Wijmo 2023 v1 (Build 5.20231.900)
September 1, 2023新版本
包括對 Angular 16 的完全支援。

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One software license is required per-developer。 A developer may install their license on up to two machines。 Developer Licenses are perpetual and include 1 year Subscription which provides 1 year of...

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MESCIUS (formerly GrapeCity)
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