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Document Solutions for PDF (DsPdf, formerly GcPdf) is a high-speed, feature-rich, server-side PDF API Library for .NET with no dependencies on Adobe Acrobat. DsPdf allows developers to programmatically create, manipulate, import/export, and deploy PDF documents, including AcroForms, across desktop and web applications at scale. With full .NET support, you can generate, load, modify, and convert PDFs in your app for .NET, Mono, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Android. Apps using this .NET PDF API can be deployed to the cloud, Windows, Mac, or Linux. It also includes a fast JavaScript-based client-side viewer/editor that allows users to view/optionally edit PDF documents in desktop/web applications.

Document Solutions for PDF Features

  • Document Properties - Make viewing faster with linearized PDFs. Documents properties include metadata, compression, and font embedding behavior. Restrict printing, copying, and PDF editing.
  • Print PDF Documents to Printer - Print PDF document directly to a printer on Windows platform.
  • Fonts - Create, initialize, and use the Font Collection class to manage and use when rendering texts.
  • Page Headers - Print page headers and footers in PDF documents. Organize...


使用 C# 以程式設計方式從 PDF 中提取文本
使用 C# 以程式設計方式從 PDF 中提取文本
May 20, 2024功能焦點
使用 MESCIUS Document Solutions for PDF 自動從 PDF 中提取文本,以便進行索引、搜索等。
用 RichMedia 注釋加強您的 PDF
用 RichMedia 注釋加強您的 PDF
May 2, 2024Product Update
Document Solutions for PDF v7.1 讓您透過在 PDF 中添加音訊、視頻和動畫來提高使用者參與度。
用插入符號註釋增強 PDF 文件審閱
用插入符號註釋增強 PDF 文件審閱
December 18, 2023Product Update
Document Solutions for PDF v7 能夠精確地指出缺少的內容或需要對 PDF 檔進行的更改。
如何使用 API 簡化文件自動化
如何使用 API 簡化文件自動化
November 28, 2023功能焦點
使用 MESCIUS Document Solutions API 以程式設計方式操作文件並與之互動。
GrapeCity 現在叫 MESCIUS!
GrapeCity 現在叫 MESCIUS!
November 1, 2023Publisher Update
GrapeCity 博客 – 透過 C# 提取 PDF 文件中的表資料
GrapeCity 博客 – 透過 C# 提取 PDF 文件中的表資料
September 25, 2023新聞快訊
解鎖隱藏在 PDF 中的大量資訊。

價格從: $ 984.02

What you get with your Document Solutions license: One-year subscription for all software releases, including hotfixes and major releases, Quantity discounts are available for multiple/team developers...

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