Barcode Xpress Node.js v13.4

改進了條碼損壞時 QR 碼版本資訊的檢測。
1月 26, 2021 - 15:46


  • Added support in the License Manager for the following new command line operations:
    • List operation to display installed licenses.
    • Remove operation to remove all installed licenses.
    • getsdklist operation to fetch a list of installable toolkit licenses.
    • installsdk operation to download and install a toolkit license.
  • Added interactive mode support for the License Manager’s command line operations. So, if the required parameters used in the command line mode for licensing the product are omitted, the user will be prompted to enter the missing information.
  • Improved detection of QR Code version information when barcode is damaged.
Barcode Xpress Node.js

Barcode Xpress Node.js

將精確的 1D 或 2D 條碼識別集成到您的應用程式中。


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