Stimulsoft Dashboards.JS 2021.2

添加將儀錶板及其元素匯出到 SVG 的功能。
March 17, 2021 - 17:20


  • Mathematical formulas - You can now insert math formulas in your reports. You can also specify formulas using LaTeX syntax.
  • New data adapters - Added new adapters to fetch data from services such as Microsoft Azure SQL and Azure Blob Storage.
  • Dashboard positioning - You can now define the behavior of the dashboard when viewed.
  • Export a dashboard to HTML - Added the ability to convert a dashboard and its elements to HTML.
  • New variable features:
    • You can now customize the globalization of variable elements.
    • When creating or editing a variable with the Request from User option enabled, you can now specify the sort sequence of variable values.
    • Sorting can now be carried out by key value and by signature.
    • You can now refer to the signatures of variable values in reports.
  • Digital signature certificates - Simplified digital signature certificate selection when converting a report to PDF.
  • The new dashboard feature - Added new Percent Of Grand Total function for Measure type dashboard elements.
  • Support for HTML tags in PDF - Improved algorithm for exporting reports and dashboards to PDF files for JavaScript and Microsoft .NET Core components.
  • Export dashboards to SVG - Added the ability to export dashboards and their elements to SVG files for Dashboards.JS.
Exporting to SVG

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