Syncfusion Essential Studio for JavaScript 2021 Volume 1

將文字方塊形狀添加到 Word Processor,並將桌面單元合併和拆分功能添加到 Rich Text 編輯器。
4月 06, 2021 - 9:57


  • Chart
    • Range color mapping - Added support for setting fill colors of chart segments based on their values. Segments can be grouped based on the range and can be controlled by its legend item.
  • Diagram
    • Prevent connectors overlay - Added the ability to prevent the connector segments overlapping nodes with a complex hierarchical layout.
  • Word Processor
    • Text box shape with top and bottom wrapping style - Added the ability to preserve the text box shape with top and bottom wrapping style while viewing a Microsoft Word document.
    • EMF and WMF images - Added the ability to preserve EMF and WMF images in a Word document using ASP.NET MVC web API service.
    • Convert text to uppercase - Added the ability to convert the selected text to uppercase in the Word Processor.
  • Gantt Chart
    • Immutable data support in Gantt Chart - Added the ability to refresh the elements of affected rows in DOM while performing CRUD operations, sorting, filtering and row drag and drop actions. Unaffected DOM elements won’t be re-rendered, which boosts the performance of the Gantt Chart.
  • Grid
    • Mobile layout - The grid user interface (UI) was redesigned for better viewing and usability on small screens. Customized features include responsive row rendering, filtering, sorting, searching and editing.
    • Server-side exporting for Microsoft Excel and PDF - Added the ability to export grid data as Excel or PDF files on the C# side with customization support.
    • Exporting grid with template columns - Added the ability to export a grid with template columns that contain images and hyperlinks as Excel and PDF files.
    • Row drag and drop - Added the ability to drag and drop rows from grid to grid with a row indicator specifying the drop location.
    • Auto filter - Added the ability to export filtered data with filter options on the export of Excel files.
  • Kanban
    • External drag and drop - Added the ability to drag and drop the card from one Kanban to another. Also, allows users to drag a card from kanban to an external source such as Schedule, Grid, etc. and vice versa.
  • Pivot Table
    • Median aggregation type - In addition to existing aggregation types, a median type has now been included.
    • Multiple axes in Pivot Chart - Multiple values (i.e. measures) can now be displayed in a single axis.
  • Query Builder
    • Complex data binding - Added the ability to create a subfield for the columns either by specifying a complex data source or nested columns.
    • Header template - Added the ability to define a custom user interface for creating or deleting rules and groups. It also allows users to customize the AND/OR condition and NOT condition options.
  • Rich Text Editor
    • Table cell merge and split - Added the ability to merge two or more row and column cells into a single cell with its contents. A single cell can now be split both horizontally and vertically.
  • Scheduler
    • Multiple events drag and drop - Added the ability to select multiple events and reschedule them quickly by drag and drop. Multiple selections can be done by pressing the CTRL key with a click.
    • Time format - Added the ability to set 24-hour or 12-hour time formats in the scheduler. By default, the time format applies from the schedule’s current culture configuration.
  • Spreadsheet
    • Freeze pane - Added the ability to keep specified rows and columns always visible at the top and left side of the sheet while scrolling through the sheet.
    • PDF export - Added the ability to save the spreadsheet data as a PDF document.
    • Password protection for workbook - Added the ability to protect a workbook with a password.
  • Tab
    • Drag and drop - Added the ability to reorder the tab by drag and drop to re-prioritize the tab items’ order easily. Also allows adding tabs dynamically from an external source such as ListView, TreeView, etc.
  • TreeGrid
    • Infinite scrolling - Added the ability to fetch and load data instantly whenever the vertical scrollbar reaches the end of the Tree Grid when binding large volumes of data.
    • Maintain expand and collapse states while exporting - Added the ability to export Tree Grid rows while retaining their expanded or collapsed state in a webpage.
Text box shape and table cell merging and splitting.

Syncfusion Essential Studio for JavaScript

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