Iron Suite for .NET 發佈

PDF、Excel、OCR、條碼和網路爬蟲 .NET 元件。
4月 08, 2021 - 13:10


IronSuite includes:

  • IronBarcode - Allows developers to read and write barcodes and QR Codes within Microsoft .NET applications and websites.
  • IronOCR - Enables software engineers to read text content from images and PDFs in .NET applications and websites.
  • IronPDF - Allows developers to create PDF documents easily in C#, F#, and VB.Net for .NET Core and .NET Framework.
  • IronWebScraper - A C# web scraping library, that allows developers to simulate and automate human browsing behavior to extract content, files and images from web applications as native .NET objects.
  • IronXL - Allows developers to read, generate and edit Microsoft Excel (and other Spreadsheet files) in .NET applications and websites.

Iron Suite for .NET

PDF、Excel、OCR、條碼和網路爬蟲 .NET 元件。


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