Syncfusion Essential Studio for JavaScript 2021 Volume 1 SP1

改進了 Accordion、圖表、Gantt、功能表、樞紐分析表、RichTextEditor 和日程控制項。
5月 17, 2021 - 14:35


  • Accordion
    • Provided accessibility support for current state of accordion items expanded/collapsed when using screen reader.
  • Chart
    • Improved logarithmic axis to show values less than 1.
  • Gantt
    • Provided support for managing dates with different time zones.
    • Added support for canceling the merging of split tasks using client-side event.
    • Improved performance while scrolling, when predecessors are mapped.
  • Kanban
    • Support has been added for mapping the keyField in the column as number type.
  • Menu
    • Added delay support when hovering on the menu.
  • Pivot Table
    • The server-side engine now supports toolbar feature.
    • The number of aggregation menus shown at the start can now be customized.
  • RichTextEditor
    • The toolbarStatusUpdate event has been deprecated. Use updatedToolbarStatus new event to get the status of the updated toolbar.
  • Schedule
    • Added scrolling support for all day row when loading huge events.
    • Added print option support to print the schedule in a customized way.
    • Provided option to set a different first month in year view.
    • Added template support for date header in year views.
  • Splitter
    • Added enablePersistence property to persist the component’s state between page reloads.
    • Added enableReversePanes property to reorder the splitter panes.
  • Tree Grid
    • Provided support for adding parent and child records together using addRecord method.
Syncfusion Essential Studio for JavaScript

Syncfusion Essential Studio for JavaScript

一個為業務部門 (LOB) 應用程式設計的 JavaScript 控制框架。


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