DevExpress WinForms 21.1.4

改進了 VerticalGrid、TreeList 和 Scheduler 控制項。
6月 25, 2021 - 14:23


All WinForms products

  • Changes made to static XRRichText are lost upon opening a localizable report.
  • Complex Grouping in Reports - The NullReference exception occurs at DevExpress.XtraPrinting.Native.HeaderFriendsHelper.CollectFriends.
  • End-User Report Designer: The XRChart FilterString Editor appears behind the Series Collection Editor.
  • Expression Editor - Real field names are shown instead of display names.
  • How to apply localization to data-bound controls in the Report Header band.
  • Incorrect Unicode mapping in a report PDF generated by Linux.
  • New palettes do not appear in the palette's dropdown unless you set them as a default palette in the Project Settings page.
  • No schema is serialized for an Object Data Source with a parameter of type IEnumerable<T>.
  • NullReference exception occurs when pressing the down arrow key in TimeSpanEdit's popup form.
  • Report Designer - Duplicated items in XRChart's smart tag.
  • Report scripts stop working when report controls have links to script functions that do not exist in the script code block after upgrading to 21.1.
  • ShowRibbonPreview does not minimize the ribbon.
  • Skin Editor - The currently applied palette is reset when clicking outside TileNavPane.
  • SkinEditor - The Preview Section layout is broken when the editor is scaled to another DPI value.
  • Template Gallery - BC30420 'Sub Main' was not found in 'application' error occurs when a new Microsoft .NET Core 3.1 Visual Basic .NET project is created.
  • The Parameters panel is not shown in a report preview when the CreateDocumentAsync method is used.
  • The XRSubreport control may render incorrect data if the ReportSourceRowCount property is used.
  • WidgetView - The Designer does not allow applying changes to the Column/Row Length property in Table layout mode.
  • XtraReport - Enabling GroupHeaderBand.PrintAcrossBands breaks summary calculation.

Coded UI

  • RecentItemControl - It is not possible to detect controls inside RecentItemControl using the Coded UI.

Data Access Library

  • The Criteria editor doesn't allow entering a correct criterion.
  • The Expression Editor throws an exception on displaying a custom function.

MVVM Framework

  • IDocument.Content is null until the document is shown.
  • MVVM SetBinding snippet for "Format Bound Values" in the online documentation does not work.

PDF Viewer

  • DirectX Rendering - A page that contains an image with a degenerate transformation matrix cannot be rendered correctly.
  • Find Panel exceeds the borders of the form since its minimum width is too large.
  • PdfViewer: The find panel doesn't span the width of its owner window.
  • Usability - Update the Find dialog's message about finishing the search.


  • Export to PDF - ArgumentException is thrown on an attempt to export a document that contains comments.

XtraBars Suite

  • A panel disappears if it's docked to TabbedView after restoring an old layout.
  • AccordionControl - Custom filter control doesn't work in HamburgerMenu in the Overlay or Minimal view.
  • AccordionControl - NullReferenceException is thrown when filtering if AccordionControlSeparator is added.
  • INotifyPropertyChanged.PropertyChanged event leads to InvalidOperationException when PropertyGridControl is located on a BackStageView.
  • RecentPinItem does not take Appearances.DescriptionNormal.VAlignment into account.
  • RepositoryItemLookUpEdit value can be null even if the AllowNullInput option is disabled.
  • RibbonControl - NullReferenceException is thrown in the DevExpress.XtraBars.Ribbon.ViewInfo.RibbonViewInfo.CalcDefaultPageHeaderTopIndent method.
  • RibbonControl - Switching to BackstageView is sluggish on high-resolution monitors.
  • RibbonControl - The TypeInitializationException occurs in DevExpress.XtraBars.Ribbon.ViewInfo.TabletModeHelper on Microsoft Windows 7.
  • RibbonSimplePad - A BackstageView form is enlarged when moved to another screen in the maximized state.
  • SkinPaletteRibbonGalleryBarItem resets its original Caption to the name of the currently applied skin palette.
  • TabbedView - A float form is flickering when multiple documents are docked.
  • TabPane - No confirmation is displayed when deleting a page.
  • The "Add Category" button is overlapped when the form does not have enough space.
  • Unable to set an Accessible Name for a GalleryItem.

XtraCharts Suite

  • ChartControl displays the "Increase the chart size to view its layout" message when the Pane Layout is incorrectly customized.
  • ChartControl labels are not scaled in Per-Monitor V2 DPI mode when moving the window from one screen to another with a different DPI setting.
  • Export to SVG - A point series label is clipped when certain fonts are used.
  • Series Filter is incorrectly applied for a specific data source type.

XtraEditors Library

  • A part of a symbol can be selected/removed when the UseAdvancedTextEdit option is enabled.
  • Context Button - A context button is not displayed in a light hue if disabled.
  • Dragging a tab leads to flickering and an incorrect drop position if tab header docking areas of two forms overlap.
  • Editors in Advanced Mode clear text with Polish keyboard combination ALT+A.
  • FlyoutPanel - A panel has an incorrect size when shown for the first time.
  • GridLookUpEdit is not filtered in certain situations after it was cleared via the Ctrl+Del key combination.
  • GroupControl is resized incorrectly when the AutoSize property is set to True.
  • LookUpEdit - Separate symbols are not highlighted when searching items using the AutoComplete feature in Hebrew.
  • MemoEdit - Scrollbar does not work when Advancedmode is enabled and ScrollUIMode is not Desktop.
  • PictureEdit - ContextButtons do not take the AppearanceHover.FontStyleDelta property into account when calculating the context button size.
  • RepositoryItemLookUpEdit value can be null even if the AllowNullInput option is disabled.
  • SvgImageBox - ArgumentException occurs when loading an SVG image from another assembly.
  • TextEdit descendants throw an exception at design time when a culture is set for their mask.
  • TextEdit throws System.NullReferenceException when Properties.ContextImageOptions.Image has an image.
  • TextEdit throws TypeInitializationException when a mask is changed.
  • The EntryPointNotFoundException exception occurs when using PictureEdit and DirectX rendering.
  • TimeSpanEdit - Setting the MinValue property does not change the current EditValue if MinValue is bigger than EditValue.
  • TimeSpanEdit shows invalid values in a popup.
  • TokenEdit - The popup form has an incorrect width when the DropDownShowMode property is set to Microsoft Outlook.
  • WaitForm's loading image is incorrectly scaled on monitors with 150% scaling.
  • XtraLayout Control Demo - Text in editors is cut off on screens with high DPI.
  • XtraMessageBox - Layout is incorrect when using RTL mode.


  • CustomDrawTask doesn't offer API to paint the task split area.
  • The TaskFinishModificationEventArgs.CurrentTaskFinish property value is incorrectly calculated in Manual mode.
  • Various visual artifacts appear in PrintPreview when nodes have different heights.
  • GanttControl does not have a way to get data about split ranges.
  • How to print custom figures and text in the Gantt control.

XtraGrid Suite

  • A GDI leak occurs when the advanced TextEdit mode is used for inplace editors.
  • GridView - A column edit's mask is lost when export to Microsoft Excel is performed via PrintableComponentLink.
  • If a column in Grid is formated using the P2 mask, the column's values are multiplied by 100 when Grid is exported to Excel.
  • In-place PictureEdit - Two clicks on a cell are required to raise the ContextButtonClick event.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when GridView that contains HTML text is exported to Excel and RawDataMode is enabled.
  • The color of a column affects checkboxes from another column if the AllowHtmlDrawHeaders option is enabled in certain skins.
  • TileView - Context Button disappears when its visibility is set to "Auto" and the BindingList.ResetBindings method is called.
  • Win App Driver / Inspect cannot recognize whether there is a validation error icon in a cell with a drop-down control.

XtraLayout Suite

  • DataLayout - Bindings are missing when the Designer is closed and then opened again.
  • A removed group is still available in the Hidden Items tab.
  • A splitter disappears after it is collapsed and restored.
  • LayoutItems are highlighted with the HotTrack feature even if the mouse cursor is positioned above a popup form.

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • Pivot Grid cannot be scrolled horizontally using a trackpad or a horizontal mouse wheel.
  • PivotGridControl does not store the row area width in layout data with the Compact Layout Type when RowTotalsLocation is set to Tree.

XtraPrinting Library

  • The "The document does not contain any pages" message is not shown in the Print Preview.


  • The "The 'ds:schemaRefs' start tag on line 2 position 146 does not match the end tag of 'ds:datastoreItem'. Line 2, position 284." exception is thrown on an attempt to open a certain document.
  • Import from RTF - Application hangs when loading a document if RichEditControl's size is too small to display content.
  • Tables - A table is sized incorrectly after text is inserted into its cells.
  • The font selected in the Font dialog isn't selected in the Symbol form on customizing the bullet appearance.
  • The formatting of the Table of Contents is incorrect after a field update.
  • UI - Specific forms have the XtraLayout.AllowCustomization property enabled.

XtraScheduler Suite

  • Resources are not synchronized with rows in the ResourcesTree control when it uses custom sorting.
  • TargetInvocationException is thrown when an appointment is moved or resized.
  • TimeRegions are displayed for all days in WeekView and MonthView.
  • SchedulerControl is not synchronized with ResourceTree when the resource visibility is changed.
  • The translation of Calendar ZoomIn/ZoomOut is missing.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio crashes when UserControl with SchedulerControl is opened at design time.


  • "'DevExpressXtraSpreadsheetServices::OfficeChartsExtensions' has already been imported from another assembly..." warning is shown when building a C++ project that references DevExpress.Docs.v21.1.dll and DevExpress.XtraSpreadsheet.v21.1.dll.
  • Charts - SpreadsheetControl ignores a custom font color for data labels.
  • Microsoft Excel crashes with an "Index out of range" error after pasting a cell copied from SpreadsheetControl if this cell uses list data validation.
  • Charts are incorrectly imported when opening a certain Excel file.
  • The column width is not adjusted to match the content if the "Percentage" format is applied via a ribbon item.
  • SpreadsheetControl doesn't insert the pre-calculated formula value during copy-paste if the Manual calculation mode is turned on.
  • The spreadsheet view is scrolled to the top row when a cell in a frozen pane is activated.

XtraTreeList Suite

  • In-place PictureEdit - Two clicks on a cell are required to raise the ContextButtonClick event.
  • TreeList is collapsed when changing underlying data.
  • KeepSelectedOnClick does not work and the CellValueChanging event is only raised on the second click in v21.1.
  • Node.GetValue and Node.SetValue don't work in the ValidateNode event handler if the node is added using NewItemRow.
  • TreeList is not initially visible on the form when the XtraForm.DisableFormShowHelper property is set to False.

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • Context Button - A context button is not displayed in a light hue if disabled.
  • In-place PictureEdit - Two clicks on a cell are required to raise the ContextButtonClick event.
  • PictureEdit - A tooltip is shown for hidden context buttons in in-place mode.
  • PropertyGrid - Rows in the Microsoft Office view aren't sorted alphabetically initially.
  • PropertyGridControl - Text is not scaled in PerMonitor V2 mode.
  • PropertyGridControl doesn't allow setting an object property to a string when the default data type is boolean.
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