Telerik Test Studio Ultimate R2 2021

7月 28, 2021 - 15:02


  • Improved test debugging experience: The fully revamped workflow for fixing failing test scripts helps you spend less time troubleshooting broken tests with brand new UI and a set of new features. Screenshots with improved quality can be expanded on full screen with zoom in/out ability, complete guidance throughout fixing failures with intelligent suggestions and new hands-on documentation articles, screenshots for passed steps and more.
  • Full recording and execution support for Microsoft .NET Core 3.1 and Microsoft .NET 5 WPF applications.
  • Licensing Server: on-premises licensing server for easier utilization of floating licenses. Available on demand for high-volume license seat customers (20+).
  • The 'Admin' user level of access requirement is lifted for using Test Studio.
Telerik Test Studio Ultimate

Telerik Test Studio Ultimate



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