SpreadJS 14.2

9月 27, 2021 - 16:09


  • The Designer now supports the Go To Special feature to select a special group of cells in the worksheet.
  • Additional keyboard shortcuts have been introduced.
  • Users can now bind file import events in the Designer Component.
  • The Designer now supports the Find and Replace function.
  • The Designer UX has been enhanced.
  • The Designer Component now includes a d.ts definition file with the React module.
  • The Name Box in the Designer can now be used to work with cell ranges.
  • Users can now customize the Designer Component status bar using the StatusBar.findControl method.
  • The "Insert" tab layout in the Designer has been updated.
  • The Designer Component now supports the toolbar ribbon mode.
  • Users can now customize the Designer Component localization.
  • Added support for Vue 3 and Angular 12.
  • The Designer now provides automatic outline for cell ranges with formulas.
  • Users can now launch the Designer Component with the collapsed ribbon.
  • Users can now move sheets and copy sheets. The operations can be performed in the Designer as well.
  • SpreadJS now supports Apple iOS14 and iPadOS14.
  • The Designer now provides format painter button to copy and paste formatting from one object to another.
  • Users can now unhide multiple sheets in the Designer.
  • SpreadJS Designer now provides the shape selection pane to manage and arrange multiple shapes in a worksheet.
  • Users can now sort the cells by background color and font color.
  • The incremental loading feature now provides a new parameter in the incrementalLoading callback function to access worksheet-related information.
  • Users can now create and use custom components in the Designer Component.
  • The workbook constructor has been enhanced to accept the host ID string.
  • Users can now close a dialog programmatically in the Designer Component.
  • Users can now customize existing language packages and translate them into a particular language.
  • SpreadJS Designer now enables ribbon scrolling when the designer width is small enough to hide ribbon buttons and navigation tabs.
  • The paste formatting option has been enhanced to adjust the pasted format according to the size of the target region.
Find and Replace


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