UltraEdit v28.20

添加對 IntelliTips 中外部包含資料夾自動掃描的支援。
9月 29, 2021 - 9:26


  • Added support for automatic scanning of external include folder in IntelliTips.
  • Interactive Find in Files:
    • Added new option for "Interactive results" in Find in Files dialog.
    • Added a new "live" view of all search results in a single edit tab.
    • Added the ability to expand and collapse search results as needed.
    • Added the ability to modify matched files directly in results.
    • Added the ability to perform mass replaces in one or all results.
    • Added the ability to save each result individually, or all at once.
  • Added the ability to scroll through file tabs with the mouse wheel.
  • Added the ability to remove items from "Recently opened" / "Recently closed" lists in File View.
  • Added key mapping support for "Go to Previous / Next Position".
  • Added "Yes and make active" option to File Change Detection prompt.
  • Changed split window behavior to show same view in both splits.
  • Added three new dark color themes (Studio Dark, One Dark, Predawn).
  • Added Pieces integration.
  • Improved support for Perl regular expressions negative lookbehind.




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