SQL Backup Pro 10.1.14

添加對啟用物件鎖定後將備份檔案上傳到 AWS S3 存儲的支援。
11月 09, 2021 - 11:31


  • Added the ability to create the SQL Backup output log file in UTF-8 format when the LogSaveInUTF8 registry key is present.
  • Added support for uploading backup files to an AWS S3 storage bucket that has object locking enabled.
  • SQL Backup will now raise warning 463 when a TDE-enabled database is not backed up using the SQLCOMPRESSION option.
  • The ForceTDECompression registry setting to use the native Microsoft SQL Server compression is no longer required.
  • Added support for uploading to a non-default container on Microsoft Azure storage using the HOSTED_FOLDER option.
  • Added option to control width of each line in emails, using the SMTPTruncate registry setting.
SQL Backup Pro

SQL Backup Pro

壓縮和加密 SQL Server 資料庫的備份和恢復程式。

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