ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC 2021 v3

添加對 .NET 6 的支援,並增強了 FlexViewer 以顯示 FlexReports、ActiveReports、SSRS 和 PDF。
12月 9, 2021


  • FlexReport for Microsoft ASP.NET Core 5.0/6.0
    You can now use the FlexViewer control and backend FlexReport Web API in ASP.NET Core 5/6 applications to render FlexReport, and SSRS reports. In a previous release, a PDF Web API was added to target the new Microsoft .NET frameworks. Using the FlexViewer control, you can display FlexReports, ActiveReports, SSRS, and PDF.
ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC

ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC

用於 Web 應用程式開發各個方面的一套完整的 ASP.NET 元件集合。


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