ComponentOne Studio WinForms 2021 v3

增強了 FlexGrid、FlexChart 和 FlexPivotChart,並添加對 .NET 6 和 Visual Studio 2022 的支援。
12月 09, 2021 - 15:35


Microsoft .NET 6 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Support
All .NET 5 controls have been migrated to .NET 6 and there are new .NET 6 versions of TrueDbGrid, GanttView, FontPicker, and Scheduler. The Print Preview family of controls (C1PrintDocument and C1PrintPreviewControl) are now out of beta. .NET 6 is the first LTS (long-term support) platform in Microsoft's larger plan. With that comes at least three years of support.

Visual Studio 2022 support includes toolbox, Tools add-on, and limited design-time support. The controls have been tested to work on the design surface, but not all designers from .NET Framework are supported in .NET 6.

FlexGrid for WinForms Enhancements
The design-time experience has been improved for FlexGrid in .NET Framework and Visual Studio 2019 with a new column bands designer. This release introduces basic Visual Studio 2022 designer support for FlexGrid, including the smart tag. Now you can create multi-line rows and display selection statistics in the column footer using new samples.

  • FlexGrid Column Bands
    Create column bands to group columns together. Organize your datagrid columns or visualize a hierarchical relation between columns. Create column bands quickly using the Visual Studio designer for .NET Framework.
  • FlexGrid Multi-line Rows
    FlexGrid's advanced column bands feature also allows you to display a record as multiple rows. This is useful when displaying many fields in a compact view without horizontal scrolling, similarly to GrapeCity's ASP.NET MVC and Wijmo's JavaScript MultiRow Datagrid.
  • FlexGrid Selection Statistics
    New FlexGrid for WinForms samples show how to display selection statistics in the column footers. This sample takes advantage of existing features and FlexGrid's flexible API to deliver a commonly requested feature like Microsoft Excel. Specifically, it uses FlexGrid's aggregation functions like count, average, and sum to showcase the statistics when a range of cells is selected.

FlexChart for WinForms Enhancements
Improve the style and end-user functionality with FlexChart's new features and enhancements. FlexChart now supports more palette options that produce visually stunning graphs and charts that use smarter palettes to correlate better to ordered data. Provide your end-users with more chart configuration options by introducing our runtime toolbar.

  • FlexChart Extended Palettes
    There are now more palette choices available in FlexChart. The palettes were inspired by ColorBrewer 2 and are grouped in the following categories:
    • Sequential (Single and Multi): Best used to show ordered data that progress from low to highlight colors for low data values to dark colors for high data values.
    • Diverging: Gives equal emphasis to mid-range critical values and extremes at both ends–light colors for mid-range and dark colors for extreme low and high values.
    • Qualitative: Best used to show nominal or categorical data (Note: the color is not indicative of differences in values).
  • Runtime Chart Toolbar (Beta)
    FlexChart now supports a runtime toolbar with common options like chart types, palettes, export, print, axis, and legend settings. This is the first version; later, we will expand this with ribbon support. The toolbars can be added using the control's smart tag at design-time.

FlexPivot Chart Enhancements

  • PivotChart Legend Grouping
    The FlexPivot chart now supports grouping legends using LegendGroups property. This provides an additional context so that it is easier to compare data points. This feature is helpful when identifying the categories of data series in the case of multiple stacked series.
  • PivotChart ContextMenu and Extended Palettes
    The FlexPivot chart now supports context menu configuration at runtime. Users can select different options from the context menu like changing the chart type, applying stacking, copying, choosing to show hide legends, titles, gridlines, etc. Customize the context menu to add custom menus. The pivot chart also inherits the Extended Palettes from FlexChart (mentioned above) and can display chart data based on sequential, diverging, and qualitative options.
Enhances FlexGrid and FlexChart components.

ComponentOne Studio WinForms

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